In The Secret Gun of Walter Mitty, Walther’s PPX proved its worth as a smooth-shooting, ergonomically-fantastic, duty-ready pistol. Reader “Chuck D.”, however, wondered in a comment about the viability of the PPX for concealed carry.

“It may have a great trigger; but it will be difficult concealing this baby…”

Good comment, Chuck D. Thank you for asking what many are wondering.

Given the gun’s beefy slide and curved stocks, the “How will it carry?” question is fair. The PPX is a great fit for any police officer’s duty holster, but Walther’s more civilian fans may desire to carry the PPX for personal defense. Is it too big?

For a concealment holster, I selected White Hat Holsters’ Max Tuck IWB. A leather and Kydex rig that sells for between $65.95 to $84.95 depending on options, the Max Tuck installed easily and carried the light weigh PPX very securely. No surprise there.


And Chuck D. , this is especially for you: While Max Tuck is adjustable for depth and cant, it held the PPX at my preferred 3 o’clock position, canting it just enough to put the stocks more up than out, hiding them. Actually, the front sights ended up just slightly protruding but were easily covered with an untucked shirt or two. Some may find the 4 o’clock position with a more agressive forward cant better. Either are feasible with a proper gun belt and the right covering garments. The key: There was no challenge handling or hiding the width of the slide. Max Tuck made that part easy.

!!DSC_9548But while the Max Tuck is indeed tuckable, I think the PPX may make that kind of concealment difficult. Better to drape untucked clothing over it. Or, if you’re more dressed up, a suit coat could conceal it. Just remember not to take the coat off.

Hope that helps, Chuck D. Again, thanks for commenting.

Bonus: Beyond concealed carry holsters, I usually field two key questions about any pistol: What ammo does it like? and What other gear should I get for it? For the Walther PPX, here are my thoughts…

Ammo: In addition to a bunch of random target loads, I ran several boxes of Black Hills and Federal Hydra-Shok ammo through the PPX at the range. The Walther devoured and spit out every one. It’s smooth action yielded 100 percent reliable function.

!DSC_9537Other Gear: For home defense, I added a LaserMax Micro on the Walther’s tactical rail. Installing and aligning this $129 sight took about three minutes and added the ability to one-touch the ambidextrous switch, instantly putting a bright red dot on a target. Set back on the tactical rail, the LaserMax Micro’s on/off switch rested just under my extended trigger finger as it rested against the slide, a perfect location. Or, I could activate with a finger from my weak hand.

You may have other questions about the Walther PPX. If so, comment below and I’ll do my best to provide an answer. Who knows? You might be the next “Chuck D.” that helps get answers to an untold number of other readers.

— Mark Kakkuri