Diamond D Custom Leather.

When I started preparations for hunting elk and mule deer in country known to have really big bears, I knew carrying a large-caliber backup handgun was a top priority. My Hamilton Bowen 4″ Model 29 loaded with heavy Buffalo Bore hardcast ammo would be my revolver. My problem was I would be spending a lot of time on a horse in addition to my time on foot and in camp, and I needed a fast yet secure method to haul the heavy revolver around.

“His Editorship” recommended I check out Diamond D Custom Leather, owned and operated by Dave Johnson out of Wasilla, AK. Diamond D is best known for their Guides Choice Chest Holster, but what I found out was they make some other great products as well. We’ve featured them in Handgunner before, but I thought it was time for an update.

The Alaska Hunter on the ultra rugged fancy stitch belt. Solid protection for your field gun.

Guides Choice

Dave builds this rig to carry big guns quite comfortably. Once I got it adjusted properly, the almost 3 pounds of revolvers and extra ammo in the optional 6-round Guides Choice Reload attachment were evenly distributed, and comfortable to wear all day. The leatherwork was impeccable, and the holster components were quiet when I moved around — no squeaks or clanks.

There are no bears where I live, but on the ranch where I hunt and help ranch-hand, hogs occasionally show up, and snakes are never far from my mind. Some CCI snake-shot some Buffalo Bore or Garret ammo and I’m confident I can handle all types of mean critters, including the 2-legged kind.

The Guides Choice with additional ammo carrier is a comfortable
way to carry a big gun and quickly get it into action if needed.

Alaska Hunter

Dave also sent his Alaska Hunter hip holster for the Model 29. If your preference is securely carrying a big revolver on your hip, look no further than the AH. As a bonus feature, you can unscrew the belt attachment and attach the holster to you backpack or rig it up in an ATV or whatever. The holster is form-fitted and equipped with a tension screw to keep your revolver secure. The beefy safety strap is appreciated. I’d hate to lose my gun if I were to exit the horse or take a tumble in the mountains.

Dave sent one of his fancy stitched belts to go with the Alaska Hunter. Don’t let the word fancy lull you into thinking this belt isn’t made for serious work. Now and again I get on my soapbox about how important the belt is to the carry system. Dave’s belt is more than up to the task of humping around a really heavy revolver or pistol. The double-thick leather is sewn with the fancy stitch to keep it stiffer, and so you can look good while getting work done. It’s downright handsome.

The straight drop Hip Holster is a simple but very effective concealed
carry holster and can double as a field holster under a garment.

Concealed Carry

Dave recently came up with what he calls the HH12 (Hip Holster) for concealed carry. I originally planned to use it with one of my .45 ACP 1911s for CCW, but I was invited on a handgun hunt in Northern Idaho using a Kimber 10mm 1911 so I decided to use Dave’s rig. The pistol was safe and secure in the HH the entire hunt thanks to the exceptional fitting and added tension screw. I’m also a big fan of sweat guards or anti-pinch guards, since the extra material keeps the safety from getting hung up in clothing or rubbing up against bare skin. With an appropriate cover garment, the HH is a great concealed carry holster for those who like a straight drop holster built to last as long as the pistol itself.

Diamond D makes holsters and accessories to fit almost every need. If you get out in the boonies, or carry a pistol or revolver daily for protection, DD has something from you. High quality and simply great craftsmanship.

For more info: www.americanhandgunner.com/diamond-d, (907) 631-4212
By Sammy Reese

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