For most things in life — like learning how to throw a curveball, TIG weld or tie a Windsor knot — good training and practice will make you better. This also applies to training with your handgun: If you don’t train, you can’t expect to improve. But what if you don’t feel like heading to the range or your backyard to blow through buckets of brass? Laser Ammo’s SureStrike dry-fire laser training system offers a safe, convenient way for you to train right in your living room.

I tested this system using the SureStrike 9mm Premium Kit; with a .45 ACP adaptor, I was able to use a Kimber Super Carry Pro we were testing at the time. The SureStrike laser cartridge comes in a variety of calibers, from .380 ACP to rifle rounds. With an unloaded gun, lock the slide back and the laser cartridge drops right into the barrel just like a regular cartridge — this ensures the gun stays safe. A safety pipe extension runs the length of the barrel and screws into the laser cartridge. Once everything is together, the laser is activated by the strike of the firing pin, so you’ll only see where you’re hitting after you pull the trigger.

What really makes this system handy is the LaserPET (Personal Electric Target), an add-on to the SureStrike system. With an included tripod, this mini target can be set up virtually anywhere and provides instant feedback after you pull the trigger, showing where you “hit” the target. It offers three modes: a hit counter, shot timer and a stress simulator, which counts down from five seconds to see how many hits you can get on target.
If you’re looking for a laser training system for less than $300, check out this system from Laser Ammo. It’s versatile, impossibly convenient and will give you an effective way to train without having to worry about ammo, crowded lanes at the range — or those loud noises. For more info: //, (516) 858-1262
By Jade Molde

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