The Light Switch

By John Thomas Grohn I recently viewed a store security tape following an incident. Store security called the police after watching a “shopper” acting strange. At first, they thought he was a shoplifter, but he [...]

What Are We Looking For? Really

By John Thomas Grohn A major aspect of officer safety is the proper and thorough search of suspects. I know a great portion of the basic academy is given to defensive tactics and searches, as [...]

Do More With Less

By John Thomas Grohn It’s a sad state of affairs. There’s no money for training unless you’re a super secret squirrel uber-detective/deep cover domestic operative with the standard issue scowl, facial hair, greasy mane, mechanic [...]

Dapper Dan… Or Stumbling Stan?

When I go to court, I nearly always show up in full uniform. However, sometimes the situation dictates I get all gussied up in my finest suit and most constricting tie, to do battle in [...]

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Anatomy Of A Crash

There you sit at your second roll call — Starbucks — lamenting about how all the Motor units are off on a “training ride.” Suddenly, you hear dispatch calling you and your stomach drops. It’s [...]

On A Steel Horse I Ride

A quick Internet search of  “motorcycle officer” revealed the first motorcycle patrol appeared in Berkeley, Calif. in 1911. Harley-Davidson credits Detroit, Mich. as being the first purchaser of a motorcycle expressly for police use. It [...]

Sideshows And Street Racing

By Jason Hoschouer Deadly Games. Let’s all take a moment to express our appreciation for the incredible thespian, Vin Diesel. Not only has he brought us Hollywood gems like xXx and The Chronicles of Riddick, [...]

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Fingers & Triggers

The jurors said the reason they convicted NYPD Officer Peter Liang of manslaughter (see Ayoob Files in the upcoming Jan/Feb 2018 issue) was that his finger was on the trigger of his GLOCK 19 when he unintentionally discharged it. Testimony had made it clear to them fingers were only supposed to be on triggers when one intended to fire. While the judge reduced the manslaughter conviction to negligent homicide, the same factors were still in play. I don’t think the NYPD Academy or the Firearms and Tactics Unit deserved any heat on the firearms training, though. Here’s why.

Safe Practice Almost Anywhere?

SIRT-anily! Live fire training costs time and money, and it’s the curse of being a police firearms instructor. The bean-counters looking over your shoulder have to consider things like the travel time to and from [...]

Gone In A Blink

The online edition of American Handgunner ( had a reader question in response to an earlier column on tips for fast and accurate shooting. I posted an answer online but felt the topic important enough [...]

Practice Actually Works

“You see, this has got to be learned; there isn’t any getting around it.” Mark Twain, Life on the Mississippi Don’t you just hate those old-timers who go around muttering, “Things ain’t like they used [...]

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