What Do I Need Today?

What's My Mission? Picture the scene. It’s a Sunday afternoon in a crowded local arcade/eating establishment, which caters to young children and their families. You’d think it would be a safe place for divorced parents [...]

What If Grasshoppers Had Machine Guns?

I often flashback to certain past events in my life, like Marine Corps School of Infantry (SOI), circa 1989. Has it really been that long? I was an 18-year-old Private sitting with the others in [...]

No Excuse!

I recently heard an officer’s rather liberal girlfriend questioning him about why he always has to carry a gun with him everywhere they go. She believed if they were assaulted and a bad guy saw [...]

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BUILDING A BETTER MOUSETRAP | Handgun Sitting Positions

Long-range handgunning rarely receives much training effort. Consequently shooter’s ability at distance is often pretty erratic. The standard training approach, often thrown in quickly if time allows, is to have the shooter take a knee [...]

THE GOD SQUAD | Protecting Houses of Worship

Americans are fast learning that churches are particularly vulnerable to the actions of murderous criminal actors. Motivations for those actors may vary, and include robbery, domestic spillover, personal conflict, mental illness, political differences, and religious [...]

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Professional Courtesy

How Much Is Too Much? Most of us have been pushing our beat car around town when some yahoo screams by at the speed of heat. You feel the familiar adrenaline rush, hit the lights [...]

DUI Or Diabetic Emergency?

While on patrol in the middle of the day you respond to a solo vehicle collision. Upon your arrival, you see a man who appears to be unsteady on his feet standing outside of the [...]

Code 3 Vs. Pursuit Driving

Is There A Difference? I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure most of us became cops so we could drive fast legally. Who can deny the attraction of having droves of people get [...]

Anatomy Of A Crash

There you sit at your second roll call — Starbucks — lamenting about how all the Motor units are off on a “training ride.” Suddenly, you hear dispatch calling you and your stomach drops. It’s [...]

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Speed is essential in any dynamic entry. Breaching must be both rapid and effective. There are a variety of methods mechanical, thermal, explosive and ballistic that may be employed depending on what is to be [...]


Most fighting shotguns are descendants of hunting shotguns modified for use in a defensive/offensive role. Many, such as the Remington 870 and Mossberg 500/590 series, have served with distinction. But due to their genealogy, they [...]

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