The Value Of The FTO

Make 'Em Or Break 'Em Training is the foundation of any police officer, which is why the Field Training Officer’s role is so vital. Regardless of the recruit’s age or background, they’re at an impressionable [...]

Upper Crust Or Just Crusty?

Detectives are supposed to be the cream of the crop, the senior officers who’ve mastered all facets of patrol and moved on to the world of investigations. Society is so enthralled with it, that at [...]

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Breaching For Patrol

Not Just For SWAT Guys Some cops equate breaching with a SWAT entry; one definition of “breach” is: to make a hole or opening in (something), which pretty much sums up SWAT. Truth is, patrol [...]

On Cheeks And Butt (Stocks)

Make Your Shotgun Work For You Recoil In Horror Shotguns are built to fit the average shooter, so smaller stature people will not always find shooting one a pleasant experience. Women especially have trouble finding [...]

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THE GOD SQUAD | Protecting Houses of Worship

Americans are fast learning that churches are particularly vulnerable to the actions of murderous criminal actors. Motivations for those actors may vary, and include robbery, domestic spillover, personal conflict, mental illness, political differences, and religious [...]

CQB You’re Doing It Wrong

Stacking up, entering a room, to conduct close quarter battle (CQB) is one of the most dangerous tasks a Soldier or law enforcement officer may have to face. Some of the hardest CQB fighting U.S. [...]

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On A Steel Horse I Ride

A quick Internet search of  “motorcycle officer” revealed the first motorcycle patrol appeared in Berkeley, Calif. in 1911. Harley-Davidson credits Detroit, Mich. as being the first purchaser of a motorcycle expressly for police use. It [...]

Sideshows And Street Racing

By Jason Hoschouer Deadly Games. Let’s all take a moment to express our appreciation for the incredible thespian, Vin Diesel. Not only has he brought us Hollywood gems like xXx and The Chronicles of Riddick, [...]

Lighting Lottery

All lighting equipment on a car must work — properly — and this includes brake (even the supplemental in the rear window), tail, head, reverse and license plate lights. Proper function includes proper colors of [...]

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AMERICAN GENIUS Nighthawk Custom Hi-Power

When it comes to firearms designers, one stands out above all others—John Moses Browning. Born in Ogden, Utah in 1855, he made his first firearm at the tender age of 13 and received his first [...]

$300 SHOOTOUT Buying Bargain Blasters

Poking around the Internet a new shooter stands a high probability of coming away with one of two impressions. First that he or she is best off with a 1911, but only certain makes and [...]

Chair Qual: Barricade Skills With A Simple Folding Chair

In many carbine classes shooters are shown several ways to adapt their long gun to cover to make a mid-range hit. This is often exposure to a technique, but without a great way to measure or track performance and subsequently carbineros do not sustain those capabilities to a high degree.

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