2023 UCO CJ Hero

Pursuing a degree has become more accessible and convenient than ever before. Online degree programs have emerged as a flexible and convenient option for those seeking to advance their careers while balancing life’s other responsibilities. For individuals passionate about serving their communities and interested in a career in criminal justice or looking to advance in their career, an online degree can be a game-changer. Among the numerous institutions offering online programs, the University of Cincinnati stands out for its exceptional online criminal justice program.

Accreditation and Reputation

One of the foremost factors to consider when choosing an online degree program is the institution’s accreditation and reputation. The University of Cincinnati holds accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), ensuring its online criminal justice program meets rigorous academic standards.

The university offers an online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice program and a Master of Science in Criminal Justice program, which was ranked 9th best in 2023 by U.S. News & World Report.

While many institutions are relatively new to the world of online learning, the University of Cincinnati’s online criminal justice master’s degree program has been refined over more than 20 years — as evidenced by the success of the many cohorts who have completed the program.

Fast-track admission is offered for undergraduate students who graduate from UC, allowing for an easier pathway from the bachelor’s to the master’s degree program.

Three graduate certificate programs in Analysis of Criminal Behavior, Correctional Rehabilitation, and Crime Analysis and Prevention are also available.

All programs are 100% online with no campus visits required for completion.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Each of the programs were thoughtfully designed to equip students with a well-rounded understanding of the field. The curriculum covers a diverse range of topics, including criminology, criminal law, policing strategies, ethics, and the workings of the criminal justice system.

With a focus on hands-on learning and practical applications, graduates emerge with the skills and knowledge required to address the modern-day challenges associated with working in the criminal justice field.

To cater to individual interests and career aspirations, the University of Cincinnati’s programs offer a variety of specialized courses within its online criminal justice degree programs. Whether students wish to delve deeper into cybercrime, forensic psychology, homeland security, or corrections, these courses allow for a tailored education that aligns with their professional goals.

Distinguished Faculty and Industry Experts

The courses are taught by the same team of nationally-renowned professors as the on-campus programs, who are able to bring a wealth of real-world experience to the virtual classroom.

Many faculty members have extensive backgrounds in law enforcement, corrections, and legal professions, providing students with practical insights and knowledge that extend beyond theory.

Flexible Scheduling Options

One of the most significant advantages of choosing an online criminal justice degree is the flexibility it offers.

The University of Cincinnati’s Online Criminal Justice Programs offer multiple start dates throughout the year, enabling students to begin at a time that suits their individual schedules best.

Additionally, the asynchronous nature of the courses is especially beneficial for working professionals or those with irregular schedules, as they can access lectures and coursework anytime from anywhere with an internet connection. This level of flexibility makes it easier to balance their education with other commitments such as work, family, or personal responsibilities.

On average, students are able to complete UC’s Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree within two to four years, or a Master of Criminal Justice degree in as few as two years of dedicated part-time study or one year of full-time study.

Engaging Online Learning Environment

The university has gone to great lengths to create an engaging and interactive online learning environment. Students participate in virtual discussions, collaborative projects, and simulations that mirror real-world scenarios. The incorporation of cutting-edge technology enhances the learning experience, making it dynamic and immersive for students from diverse backgrounds.

And although the program is online, students receive the same level of support as their on-campus counterparts. The university provides comprehensive student services, including academic advising, access to online library resources, technical support, and career counseling.

Personalized Learning Experience

With UC’s online criminal justice degree and certificate programs, students also have more control over their learning pace. They can revisit lectures, review study materials, and complete assignments according to their individual learning speed. This personalized approach allows students to delve deeper into topics that interest them the most, leading to a more comprehensive understanding of criminal justice principles.


Traditional on-campus education often comes with significant expenses such as housing, transportation, and campus fees. Pursuing an online criminal justice degree can be a more cost-effective option, eliminating many of these additional expenses.

For a limited time, all incoming online Master of Science in Criminal Justice students are eligible for a scholarship that will cover the instructional fee of their first class; this is nearly a $2,000 value.

For more information or to start your application, visit https://online.uc.edu/programs/criminal-justice/ today.