Concealed Carry Holsters

Recently, a reader - Robert H - emailed requesting an article on concealed carry holsters for retired cops. Well, that fits nicely into my wheelhouse. Appropriate concealed carry holsters are not just a subject for [...]

CIRCLING BACK | Adjusting Holster Cant

Holsters are to handguns as slings are to rifles and shotguns. That is where you securely store the handgun when it's not in your hands. In my old department, 1911 pistols were common when I [...]



Things are often just fine, until they’re not. For this, and many other reasons, some folks never leave home without some basic survival items – think folding knife, pocket flashlight, self-defense tool(s), small first aid [...]

Nighthawk Mammoth Knife Collection

The Wooly Mammoth roamed the earth between 30,000 and 10,000 years ago in what is present day Alaska and Siberia Russia. These grips and knife handles are a cross section of Wooly Mammoth tusk found [...]


The Magpul Frame Lock – Rigger EDC includes the same design and craftsmanship we built into our Limited Edition versions of the Rigger. It has the same functionality, features, and exceptional ergonomics of our previous [...]


Umarex GLOCK 17 Gen5 Paintball Marker

This all-new marker is an authentic counterpart of the GLOCK 17 Gen5 and is compatible with the full range of GLOCK-typical accessories. Made in Germany from top-grade materials, the Co2-operated Umarex GLOCK 17 Gen5 is [...]

Phazzer Enforcer

By Ben Douglas Phiscally-Phriendly Conductive Electrical Weapons. Aagh!” was all I could get out as I seized up and fell to the mat. I had “enthusiastically” volunteered to experience a full 5-second TASER cycle back [...]

Pass The Pepper

The US military began using chemical agents as weapons in 1918. Law enforcement personnel followed suit, but not until the late 1960s when they began using chemicals to quell group civil disturbances — think riots. Everyone who works in the business knows once it happens on the outside, it’s only a matter of time before it moves inside. Most prisons recognize chemical agents are an effective option when group resistance elevates or when individual detainees act out.


What You Need To Know About Lumens And Candela

Lumens and candela are two terms often used to describe the brightness of a light source, but they have different meanings and applications. Both measure brightness, but just different aspects. Lumens measure the total amount [...]

Concealed Carry Pistol Light

Streamlight’s TLR7A As humans, we are stuck being daytime creatures because we do not see (and do) well in the dark. At night, our ancestors crawled back into a cave or hut before securing the [...]

A Programmable Duty Flashlight

Cloud Defensive's handheld lights have been out for a few years now. Their duty-centric flashlight, the  Mission Configurable Handheld-Duty light (or MCH-Duty-HO-DF), hit the market a few months ago. Matt Jacques at Victory-First sent me the [...]


Those Are My Bags, Baby

You can’t always carry everything you need in your cargo shorts or pants pockets. I know I would run out of capacity in those pretty quickly. Between a laptop and tablet, power cords, a headset, [...]

Infinity Targets

Golden age. I hear that phrase a bunch – especially relating to firearms, to training, to ammunition. Probably targets as well. Generally, the target you choose to use doesn't matter. Paper, cardboard, or steel. Each [...]


Are some firearms accessories good? Or bad? Can they help you? Or hurt you? What about modifications? And I am only asking in regards to using the firearm in question. Regarding modifications, some will tell [...]


Set It & Forget It

Where do I set the dot? Is it like lights? Can it be too bright? Can you, or should you, tailor the dot's setting to the current lighting conditions? What about the situation? That [...]

Zeroing Your Dot

We recently received an email from a reader who has also listened to the GUNS Magazine podcast and the episodes over there about pistol-mounted optics. He pointed out that while we have covered several dot-specific [...]

In The Heat Of The Night

Night vision is cool. No doubt about it. It is just a few weeks past the 40th anniversary of my first use of night vision. That was in basic training, and the night vision scope [...]