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Looking Back – Thoughts from the far side of the career

(Editor’s note – Editor Emeritus Roy Huntington sent this to me. He offered that the writer’s thoughts were worth my time. I’m sharing it as an OpEd piece with you all) In my younger days, I thought I had a destiny - to be an LEO. Oddly enough, I took the police job on a bet. It came with a $6000 pay cut but had good benefits. I left my good-paying job to be a [...]

By |July 13th, 2022|

OpEd – Wellness, Resilience, and PTS

Greetings! Thank you all for taking your time to visit AmericanCop, to read the work of our writers, and to support us. Time is the one thing you can’t get back. So, again, thank you [...]


  PROLOGUE Recently Lt. Chuck Smith and I were sitting on my front deck watching Oregon’s Umpqua River flow by, shooting suppressed weapons, killing some brain cells and generally swapping lies when one of us [...]



Cops have them. Old time retired cops have more and better ones. Not guns, but something almost as good — stories. War stories to be exact. All cops have them some but some just need [...]

One-Shot Stopping

Boxcar Boosters During the summer of 1944, the Southern Pacific Railroad in the City of Richmond, Calif. were experiencing a rash of boxcar burglaries. After repeated incidents the Richmond Police Department assigned their veteran night [...]

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