Skills and Mindset — The AUFIRE Trainer

Just before SHOT, a buddy with the LAPD's Metropolitan Division told me I needed to check out the AUFIRE training system and then see it. AUFIRE is short for Actions Under Fire. I'm very glad [...]

What’s New At SHOT Show 2023 — Day 2   A conversation with Mike Wood, author of "The Newhall Shooting — A Tactical Analysis: Survival Lessons from One of Law Enforcement's Deadliest Shootings." Be sure to follow American Cop on Instagram @americancop_magazine.


I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of cops dying. I hate seeing updates via (Officer Down Memorial Page) every time a cop is killed. In the last decade, I’ve been [...]


The rain was pouring down on us as we took up positions of cover on the quiet residential street. We’d responded en-masse to deal with a deranged man who’d just stabbed his father — luckily [...]


Good Enough

One of the most beneficial soft skills one can develop is to complete a task well enough that it may ensure mission success. Whether it’s finishing a work project, going to the gym, or even [...]

Training Rule #2 and Don’t Shoots

Someone once said - know the rules well enough so that you can know when to break them. However, there are some rules we should not break. Gunsite's Four Safety Rules can be on [...]

Managing Expectations

When learning any skill, it is incumbent upon you as an apprentice to also manage your expectations regarding how much and how long it will take to achieve the desired skill level. Before learning a [...]


Shooting in Virtual Reality

Scenario-based training in my academy class involved role players – often more than one - and evaluators spread out across the grounds of the academy. In addition to those people were the scenario coordinators, a [...]


The term "self-defense" means different things to different people. To a police officer, self-defense differs significantly from defensive tactics or DT, as it is known in the law enforcement training community.  From a civilian perspective, [...]