• Speer Gold Dot Carry Gun

Speer Gold Dot CarryGun

Founded in 1943, Vernon Speer provided rifle bullets, and later, handgun bullets to reloaders from his small ammunition company. In the 1960s he began loading those bullets for what would become the famous Speer Lawman [...]

Norma MHP Ammunition – Most Expandable?

The folks at Norma have been busy in the secret ammo lab. I’ve always admired their rifle and rimfire offerings, but haven’t followed developments in the handgun area as closely. A new for 2020 self-defense [...]

  • Federal Practice and Defend ammunition

Practice & Defend With Federal

As a cast-bullet shooter for more than 30 years, I’ve found myself shooting nothing but powder coated loads in recent years. A baked-on polymer coating, powder coating acts as lubricant for the projectile, allowing softer [...]

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  In November of 1998 we were invited to attend the rollout of the Mossberg MC1sc pistol at Gunsite. Spelled out the model is the Mossberg Carry 1, subcompact. The handgun was met with extraordinary [...]

Gunsite’s New Gunsmithy

  There are a number of things that contribute to a viable business partnership such as good people, good products, and good ser-vice. On April 1, 2021 Gunsite Academy announced a re-organized Gunsmithy operation at [...]

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  Carbines that use the same ammunition as a pistol are nothing new, even semiautomatic carbines. The Marline Camp Carbine was introduced in 1985 and had a fair amount of success until in was discontinued [...]

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  In my last two shotgun columns I wrote about John Browning’s first two shotgun designs: the lever-action Winchester 1887 and the Winchester pump-action 1897. This month we’ll take a look at his third—the world’s [...]

SHOTGUNS | Mossberg 590A1 Retrograde

  Back before the colors of Flat Dark Earth, Ranger Green, Coyote, camouflage du jour, etc., all the cool kids used Scorched Earth, commonly called black. I was as cool (guilty?) as everyone else and [...]

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