Galco shoulder holster


I know, I know … more 1911 stuff? You bet. The design doesn’t die because it works, and Browning’s genius allows incremental improvements, each one building on the success of the previous ones. This combination of innovation, forward thinking and sheer moxie among modern designers and pistolsmiths continues to revolutionize this 100-year-old plus miracle gun. We’re proud to showcase some of the latest new ideas.


Barranti Leather’s “Barranti-Myres” Lonewolf Ranger holster (and matching mag pouch) is named after famed Texas Ranger Manuel “Lonewolf” Gonzaullas who carried two custom engraved 1911s in a pair of holsters like this. The cut-away trigger guard and traditional floral carving adds to the mystique. If you have a favorite BBQ 1911, it can’t find a better home! Mike “Doc” Barranti also offers “Old Century” shipping in a wooden crate!



Cammer Technologies initially introduced a revolutionary hammer design offering easier cocking and smoother slide operations, resulting in moderate recoil. This “0.404″ Sear” is new, offering a constant distance of 0.404″ from the sear pin center allowing a “neutral” engagement with the hammer hooks throughout the sear movement. It’s CNC’d by Evolution Gun Works for Cammer. Look for other high quality 1911 ignition parts from Cammer. MSRP: $40.

Speaking of traditional, since 1970, Galco’s Miami Classic Shoulder System has had a long history of helping 1911 carriers handle the load. Today’s version is still premium steerhide, having a double mag pouch to balance the load. The narrow harness straps help with both comfort and concealment, and the Flexalon back plate swivels to keep things in place. It can be had with tie downs, and cuff/case/flashlight accessory attachments. Cost depends on how it’s accessorized.

A clever tool here. This 1911 Slide Jig from HS Custom LLC, slips into a 1911 slide and is secured with two set-screws. You can then clamp the jig into a vise to work on the slide (polishing, adjusting sights, filing, etc.) and the eight sides of the jig allow you to adjust it as needed. It’s secure, reliable and keeps the delicate slide out of direct contact with vise jaws. Perfect for gunsmiths of all types and accomplished hobbyists. MSRP: $100 + free shipping.

I don’t know too many things, but I do know most 1911 aficionados have more than one gun, and like to shoot a lot! They also tend to be loaded with accessories, holsters and other goodies. MTM Case-Gard’s 5-Can Ammo Crate Mini does more than carry ammo. Coming with five mini-ammo cans (each holding 400 rounds of .45 ACP ammo) and a crate only 24″ wide, it’s easy to carry and store in the trunk. Fill the cans with ammo and accessories and go shooting! MSRP: $40.


Keeping ’em clean is critical and having something to do it at the range just as important. Pro-Shot’s .38 to .45 caliber cleaning kit comes with all the goodies in a reusable box. A very high quality aluminum/steel cleaning rod, cleaner/lubricant, brushes, bore guide, bore “light,” patches and silicone cloth are all right there. MSRP around $40.

Real Avid’s “Master Cleaning Station — Universal” is just that, about everything you’ll need for a deep clean at a bench. It includes a mat, with the kit attached. When you open the lid the attachments all stand right up! There’s brass rods, a handle, bore brushes, Accu-Grip brushes, jags and bore mops. It rolls up and fits into an included bag. Add a bit of solvent and lube and you’re good to go. Now you can clean your favorite 1911 and your favorite long gun at the same time! MSRP: $49.99.

VZ’s “Hydra” grips are just one of about a zillion styles, materials and options they show for the 1911. Need grip screws/bushings, hardware, magazines, cleaning supplies, magwells — even holsters? VZ can lend a hand. I like their grips because they’re both beautifully made and excellently designed. Most grips are of G10, but they also use Micarta, Carbon Fiber and even Stabilized wood. There are lots of options to choose from. Prices vary by design and materials.

XS Sights are world-famous and have many models fitting your favorite 1911. The “Big Dot” Tritium Express design is one of my favorites and installs easily on a 1911 with dovetails. They make several models fitting different dovetail cuts and their excellent fitting charts on their website make selection easy. The “Big Dot” front and “Express” V-notch rear is very fast, yet still allows precise aiming if you take your time. MSRP: Around $110 depending on style.