The call-out started right after the morning commute. By mid-morning, your snipers and observers were in position. They have been watching the crisis location all day. They are hydrated and have been rotating on and off the gun. But hours into this event, the sun is starting to set. The sunlight you’ve had all day is about to disappear over the horizon. Yet, you will still need your sniper teams ready to resolve the crisis, able to do so if the opportunity presents itself. The rifles they have with them don’t have night vision scopes. Is there a material solution that can help with this problem?

There is.

And that solution comes from Armasight — a leading brand of night vision, thermal imaging, and electro-optic devices. They have several models of clip-on night vision optics, which attach to your agency’s rifles in front of the existing optics without interfering with them.

The most significant benefit of these clip-on night vision optics is that you don’t need to re-zero your optics — they mount right in front of your current optic. This design allows your officers to continue with their current eye relief and reticle choices. These optics also minimize variances in both the point of aim and point of impact. Again, Armasight’s clip-on optics allow you to retain your existing zeros.

Positive identification of the suspect(s) is critical during planned enforcement operations as well as crisis responses. This is especially true when an event shifts from daytime into the evening and eventually the hours of darkness. Good quality night vision optics with high resolution are critical to ensure the ability to develop and maintain positive identification. A clip-on night optic provides that capability to the optics your team already trusts.

Run time is always a consideration when employing battery-powered devices in tactical operations. Armasight’s clip-on night vision systems can run for over forty hours with a single battery. Longer battery life minimizes, if not prevents, the risk of having power failure at a critical moment. This increased battery life allows the end user to always keep the target in sight if they need to intervene to save a life. On the other hand, digital night vision systems can be very power-hungry, which causes more frequent power issues.

All the Armasight clip-on night vision optics are passive in design, meaning they don’t project an active infrared light source out into the environment. Their passive nature minimizes the visual signature of the officers using the system — especially since night vision is much more common these days. Additionally, unlike digital systems, Armasight notes that their passive systems require less ambient or artificial light to function and can assist officers with deploying more covertly.

Armasight’s variety of models and image intensifier tubes allow officers to tailor their choices in order to acquire the necessary capabilities to fulfill specific roles. Additionally, the company hosts a Night Vision University on their website to better educate the end user. They also sell night-vision goggles, monoculars, scopes, thermal imagers, and a variety of accessories for those items, making them a trusted and well-rounded source for all your department’s imaging needs.

For more information, visit Armasight.com.