Let’s face it, most shooters — especially experienced shooters — are accumulators, maybe even bordering as hoarders. When we go for a quick trip to the range, packing our range bag usually takes longer than packing for a two week vacation.

Most of us have large haversacks we dump our guns, ammo, ear muffs, shooting glasses, tools, squib rods, rags, lubricants, targets, stapler, staples, water …
You get the idea! We pack everything we need, and more, for an enjoyable day at the range. Hopefully we won’t need most of the gear, but it’s nice to have, should Mr. Murphy rear his ugly head.

Birchwood Casey has developed a range bag for people who root and rut through bags trying to find whatever it is that’s needed, the Sportlock Deluxe Range Bag.

The Sportlock Deluxe Range Bag is a large (10 X 17 X14 inches), ballistic nylon wonder full of features, compartments and pockets to keep your gear organized. The grey interior aids in finding dark colored items and has two large pockets perfect for packing pistols on either side of the bag as well as a zippered pocket for smaller personal items like your wallet, keys, ID, range card or money. There’s ample room for ammo, tools and larger items in the main compartment. Two large exterior zippered pockets are perfect for targets and loaded magazines.

The bag even comes with a built-in target rest for sighting in guns. The extra room is also nice for those of us that bring home more brass than we left with and why I always carry gallon freezer bags in my range bag.

Birchwood Casey’s Sportlock Deluxe Range Bag will help keep gear organized, saving time looking for anything, in an easy-to-carry, stylish bag.

The Sportlock Deluxe bag has a MSRP of $94.50.