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The Outdoor Oven/Stove is a well-designed, compact unit that incorporates all the cooking essentials in one stand-alone package. Side handles make it easier to transport.

No matter the crisis, we all need to eat. During the initial stages of any disaster, most of us will eat whatever is available, hot or cold. But, as time passes, we’ll need (and want) something more satisfying, maybe even a hot meal once in a while. At times like these, you’ll need to have a plan “B” for cooking, or even just for heating up some meals.

The Bonfire’s robust, cast iron cooking surface features wide grates and even heating for efficient grilling over an open fire. The grate can also be used as a stove top with the appropriate pots and pans.

In this article, we review two grid-down options: the Camp Chef Deluxe Outdoor Oven/Stovetop and the Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0.

Grid-Down Cooking

During a disaster, you may find yourself facing some pretty substantial difficulties, including not having any utilities for an extended period of time. And while you may have stored a good amount of nonperishable foods, eating cold spaghetti out of a can get old very quickly. Yes, those canned foods will keep you alive, but with some advance planning, you can prepare, or at least heat up, some much more satisfying meals.

Camp Chef Deluxe Outdoor Oven & Stovetop

The Camp Chef Outdoor Oven/Stove is a fully-capable, off-grid cooking unit with an oven, and two integrated cooktop burners. You can use the 1lb propane tanks, or the much more cost effective 20lb propane tanks. (You’ll need to get an appropriate hose and connectors to use the 20lb tank.)

The Camp Chef Oven is an amazing piece of gear that incorporates a fully functioning oven with a two-burner stovetop. This dual-purpose functionality allows you to cook a wide range of meals, using just one piece of equipment.

  • Operates on 1lb. propane tanks, or the larger 20lb propane tanks.
  • The oven can reach temperatures up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and, according to the manufacturer, can hold a temperature of 350 degrees F for up to 7 hours. Built-in heat gauge allows you to monitor the internal oven temperature. (Oven Output: 3,000 BTUs/Hr.)
  • The dual stove-top can be used independently, or simultaneously with the oven. Burner Output: Two 9,000 BTUs/Hr.)
  • Build-in, collapsible windscreens protect the stove-top burners from the wind.
  • Internal oven dimensions are 11” L x 9” H, and easily fits a 9”x13” pan.
  • The Camp Chef weighs 32 lbs. and features two built-in handles to make transporting the oven easier.
  • The Outdoor Camp Oven measures 12.5” long, 21” wide, 18” high, and comes with a one-year warranty.

The cooktop burners are large, and can be used independently, or in conjunction with the oven. Build-in, collapsible windscreens protect the stove-top burners from the wind.

Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0 Cast Iron Grill

The Solo-Stove Bonfire 2.0 is a smokeless fire pit that, with the necessary accessories, can be used for a variety of cooking, heating, or baking functions. Because it’s portable, the unit can be used in just about any well-ventilated outdoor environment. Since the dawn of time, people have relied on fire for their survival, and this fire pit brings together a number of unique features to take a common log fire to a whole other level.

The Bonfire Hub makes for a safe and secure platform for the Cast Iron Grill, also providing enough space to add wood pieces to maintain the necessary heat levels.

  • The Bonfire 2.0 is large enough to generate sufficient cooking heat, but small enough to be portable.
  • The Bonfire can be used as a fire pit or paired with a variety of optional accessories for cooking on a griddle top, grilling over an open fire, or baking with the Pi Fire Oven. You can even order a cast iron wok attachment.
  • The cooking temperature for the grill or the griddle top can reach 450 degrees F.
  • The Bonfire 2.0 is made from stainless steel, (but can also be ordered in one of seven colors).
  • It measures 19.5” diameter, 14” high, and weighs in at 23.3 lbs. Carry Case makes moving the fire pit easier.
  • The fire pit uses firewood and works best with 6-8 medium-sized split logs. (About 10-12” long and 3-5” wide.) Solo Stove recommends only cooking with clean and dry hardwoods. Never use softwood, plywood, construction scraps, painted/stained wood, or any sort of composite or treated wood for cooking.
  • Solo Stove comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

The Bonfire 2.0 works best with (dry-hardwoods) 6-8 medium-sized, split logs. About 10-12” long and 3-5” wide.


Having access to resources to cook your food without any reliance on the power grid or other utilities is a game changer. Securing those resources now, and becoming proficient in the most effective and efficient way to use them may one day provide you with a wide range of cooking options. With both the Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0 and the Camp Chef Oven/Stove, you unlock capabilities for emergency preparedness, camping, or just about any other off-grid application.

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