Nobody slips through this dragnet! Nobody! Except maybe the guy they’re trying to catch.

For seven days, dozens of Canadian cops surrounded a home in Bay Bulls, Newfoundland, pinning down a guy suspected of assaults, who was believed to be armed. As the siege went on, authorities began setting off flash-bang grenades on a regular basis just to rattle him, keep him from sleeping and wear him down. Finally, they started pumping freezing water into the house with high-pressure hoses to flood him out like a rat. The problem was, he’d been gone for days at that point.

A citizen called the Royal Canadian Mounted Police from the little community of Petty Harbour, several miles away, advising their most-wanted guy was quietly hangin’ out in a nearby home. A flock of Mounties scampered right over and took Leo Crockwell peacefully into custody. As soon as cops confirmed Leo’s identity, the news flashed to the task force pumpin’ water and igniting flash-bangs, and word was passed to cease, desist and try not to look too embarrassed by it all. Apparently, Leo was quite talkative, but not on the subject of his disappearing act. I can’t blame him. He might need to do that trick again sometime.