I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of cops dying. I hate seeing updates via ODMP.com (Officer Down Memorial Page) every time a cop is killed. In the last decade, I’ve been to 22 funerals. The lion’s share of these has been in the last 7 years, and all within 100 miles of my jurisdiction. Each of these experiences has taken a little bit of my soul. The last one I attended was for two Santa Cruz County Deputies. I’m not ashamed to say I couldn’t stay inside for the service; my psyche couldn’t hang. When I saw a picture of the deceased female deputy holding her newborn that was it, I had reached capacity.

Statistically, traffic stops are one of the deadliest experiences for a police officer, if not the most. I realize, of course, cops are killed in a variety of scenarios. The two I reference above were killed during a sexual assault investigation at a suspect’s home. I’m not a tactical expert in warrant services or a SWAT guy, and I’ve never written an ops plan.

I am, however, a traffic enforcement stop specialist. I am an expert. I understand the arrogance that may be associated with those statements, but I ride a motor, remember? That’s how we’re wired. The fact of the matter is I’ve made more stops in the last 7 years than most beat cops make over the span of their career. It would behoove you to consider my perspective.