Mantis X10


A few years ago, the engineers at Mantis launched a training tech revolution with their MantisX sensor. When paired with a companion smartphone application, the rail-mount device could show you exactly what’s happening when you break a shot. Motion sensors track the most minute movements of the gun, allowing you to see muzzle movement before, during and after the shot break. That’s impressive stuff, and it’s a great way to improve hold and trigger technique, especially since the system works with dry, live and airgun firing modes.

Hold on to your shorts because things just got a lot more exciting. With the Mantis X10 device release and a slew of software updates, the system now does even more — a whole lot more. For starters, you can analyze your draw technique in excruciating detail. The Holster Draw Analysis drill records and tracks five different components of the draw: the times to acquire a proper grip, clear leather, rotate the muzzle to horizontal, raise the gun to target and sight and break the shot. Oh, and you’ll also get a bonus chart showing the exact movement of your gun. If you’re wasting fractions of seconds moving sideways or bringing the muzzle back down to target, you’ll see it. Now dry-fire practicing competition or concealed carry draws at home is actually fun. Of course, the system works with live fire too. It’s a range timer on steroids, complete with a computerized instructor.

Another winner is the Recoilmeter. As you fire, the system tracks four components of gun movement. Think you have a great grip? This system will let you know by highlighting the “mistakes” too subtle to see with the human eye. You’ll know after every shot how high you allowed the muzzle to rise, how long it took you to get back on target, whether or not the gun recoiled upward at an angle and the width of any “recoil circle” caused by the upward and sideways movement of the muzzle. Using this at the range allows you to make adjustments to your grip technique and pressure and see the results on the very next shot. It’s hard to overstate the training value.

Be sure to order a magazine baseplate adapter. The X10 unit is small enough now to rest at the bottom of the magazine instead of the handgun rail. That allows drills from your standard holster.