Since getting back from SHOT, a couple new pieces of gear have shown up at my place. I’m starting to work with them, and hopefully, you’ll read & see more about them in the future.

Reactionary Gap sent their Muzzle Flash Simulation System for evaluation. Using hardware downrange and a Blue Tooth interface on your smartphone, the complete system allows for both auditory and visual indications of being shot at without any projectiles being launched. A Blue tooth headset, worn under your hearing protection, handles the sound, and an L.E.D. light on the target lets you “see” the shots.


Reaction Gap’s Muzzle Flash Simulation System in the box.


I have already used the system in one low-light class with positive feedback.

Alien Gear sent two of their level 3 Rapid Force duty holsters. One is designed to attach directly to a duty belt, while the other has a paddle attachment. Both are for a Smith & Wesson M&P pistol with a weapon-mounted light and a pistol-mounted optic.


Alien Gear’s Rapid Force duty holster with a Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 9mm Compact with a pistol light and Holosun’s 507C green dot sight.




While I introduced myself in person at SHOT and in other areas as the new editor, I haven’t done so here yet.

Hi, I’m Erick.

I’m very fortunate to be taking over from Denny with the solid foundation that he and the other previous editors – Dave, Roy, and Suzi – have created. If it wasn’t for Denny hiring me at S.W.A.T. magazine back in the 00s, I never would have had the background for this job.

After twenty-nine years, I retired from a northern California sheriff’s office as a patrol sergeant. In addition to supervising our swing shift, I also had our use of force/firearms, field training, and special operations’ technical support/tactical dispatch programs. Before promoting, I did those things along with community-oriented policing, gang violence suppression, and narcotics investigations. Along the way, I was involved in more than a few critical incidents as the primary deputy, witness, and supervisor.








Along with the cop stuff, I was in the Army during the Cold War and the GWOT. And I managed to get through grad school as well.

In terms of training, I have been very fortunate to attend numerous shooting and instructor courses at Gunsite and from many well-known and pretty competent instructors. Never mind the armorer and gunsmith classes too. I have taught Gunsite since 2001, along with Aimpoint, a small business, and now with my own company.

American Cop has been the gear & tactics home in the F.M.G. world, and it will continue to be. I hope to expand our subjects with articles looking at human factors, mindset, mental conditioning, and mental health related to this field. Shortly, look for deeper dive articles into historical events covering the lessons that can be learned from them – the way the old Police Marksman Association did.

Please, reach out to us, to me with your questions, your suggestions, and your feedback. As I told the owner in my interview, my editing experience comes from approving or rejecting the reports written by the deputies who worked for me. This is all new stuff.