Remember the show Happy Days? The Fonz had quite a lasting impression on me, as a child. I grew up to eventually ride motorcycles and wear a cool leather jacket. One of the Fonz’s difficulties in life was admitting he was wrong. He always stuttered over it. He’d say something like, “Richie, I was wro..wr..wrrrr … I made a mistake.”

I have the same problem saying war..warrrn … okay, I can’t say I enjoy giving exhortations (thanks Roget’s Thesaurus for that word). Finally, after years of therapy, I’m now able to type the word without too much twitching. Consider this part of my penance for years of hassle in trying to say warning. There, I did it!

Having spent the last five years of my career as a motor officer, I’ve been brainwashed into writing citations to just about everyone I stop. The joke about motor officers being tin men (no heart), or having ice in their veins is funny — and mostly true. So, does every stop warrant a citation? Of course not. Let’s look at three things that can help determine whether you should issue a citation or give someone a pass (yes, I realize I skipped the “w” word).


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