Make Your Shotgun Work For You

Recoil In Horror

Shotguns are built to fit the average shooter, so smaller stature people will not always find shooting one a pleasant experience. Women especially have trouble finding a happy medium between properly shouldering the buttstock and keeping their cheek where it needs to be on the upper portion of the stock (the comb). Recoil from heavy 00-Buck or slug rounds can be an issue, but most problems are from improper shouldering and cheeking of the shotgun.

If you chronically struggle to effectively shoot a shotgun, you need to talk to your range staff to work out the exact problem. If you’re simply afraid of the recoil then I’d strongly suggest you either practice (a lot) to overcome your fears, or consider customizing your gun. If this is an option, look into something like a Knoxx recoil reducing adjustable stock. One of these stocks can alleviate two problems — bruised and battered shoulders and varying lengths of pull for different shooters.

Attaining a proper cheek weld is just as important as proper shouldering. If you don’t keep your cheek glued to the stock you’ll learn very quickly how much recoil to the face can hurt. If you have trouble maintaining a good cheek weld chances are you need a stock pad. Depending on your specific needs you’ll want to try different styles and thicknesses of pads to find what works best for you. Try duct-taping spacers until you find a size you like, then buy a factory version to match. Your range staff should be able to help you with this. You don’t have to make-do with a generic shotgun. Remember, one size does not fit all.


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