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How does an item – whatever kind of item – end up as an article here? Is there a process? What are we looking at or for?


What is being reviewed?

For starters, what will I address: a thing, a class or training, or will this be about an event that needs to be discussed? Each of those gets looked at in different ways.

The kit from GoSafe – both Mobile Mag and the Mobile Safe plus the keys that go with them. And a Gen 5 Glock 45.

For the sake of this article, I will cover looking at a “thing” and how that can be covered.

How do we get it?

The first thing is how does that thing end up in our hands. One way is a writer sees that thing (or hears about it) and wants to review it. In my case, I will reach out to the company and find out who I need to talk with about that.

Mobile Mag on the left (with witness holes for 10 rounds) and the Mobile Safe on the right.

Another way is that the company has a product and wants to get the word out. In this instance, the people at the company will reach out through their advertising, industry, or media contacts to find writers interested in looking at their product.

In both cases, the companies ship products to the writers, who start there.

The third involves pre-planned media events with the company bringing in writers, including social media influencers, to a location and letting them work with the product in various ways. After the event, the writers may or may not get the products for continued work and eventual review.

The locking mechanisms fully extended on both versions.

I have gained experience with all three. I have reached out and asked about getting items to review. Companies have also contacted me to work with their product. And, while I have not recently attended a media event as a writer, I have worked several at Gunsite as an instructor.

Sometimes, we really do teach during those events. At other times, we facilitate the writers’ chance to experience the products they are there to see.

With the locking mechanism in the “safe” mode, it rides underneath the portion that engages the striker block and then over the trigger bar.

Regardless of how it gets to me, I now have the product. I will look at GoSafe’s Mobile Mag and Mobile Safe for this article.

If you are unfamiliar with either of these (or both), that is ok. I wasn’t either until they contacted me.

Mobile Safe and Mobile Mag

The Mobile Safe and the Mobile Mag are lockable security devices that fit your pistol’s magazine well. They are only available for the double stack 9mm Glock pistols like the G17, G19, G26, G45, and G47. I have no information about them developing other models.

Here is what the locking mechanism looks like. Notice the SAFE and FIRE markings.

The Mobile Safe resembles a full-capacity magazine with an extended floor plate. It will not accept any ammunition. It simply fits into the mag well and locks in place.

The Mobile Mag appears to be a traditional capacity magazine with an extended floor plate. It can be loaded with up to ten (10) rounds of 9mm ammunition and locked in place.

You will need to train and practice inserting the key – preferably under increasing amounts of stress (note: the camera is on a tripod).

Regardless of which one you have, they block the trigger bar from moving to the rear once seated and locked. Both prevent the pistol from being fired. The Mobile Safe also prevents the slide from being manipulated or racked. You can rack the slide with the Mobile Mag and even chamber a round or clear the chamber, but it will not fire.

One thing that can come into play is embargo or release dates. For example, as with GoSafe, a company may not want information out before a specific date. When that comes up, writers can handle and use the item and write an article, but they cannot publish it until that date arrives.


What, What, and How?

Then, I look at a few things – what role does the item serve, what is it supposed to do for the end user, and how well does it do that.

In the case of the GoSafe products, the idea is “a way” to prevent the handgun from being used unintentionally or illegally by someone other than the owner. So, its role is to prevent unauthorized access.

While this will not prevent the theft of the specific firearm, GoSafe’s product will shut down unauthorized use.

When the Mobile Safe is installed, the firearm cannot be operated or manipulated. If the Mobile Mag is used, while the slide can be racked, you cannot fire the pistol or even replace it with a real magazine and ammunition.

Here’s the key inserted in the lock while it is in the SAFE position.

GoSafe has several relevant videos on its webpage. They explain the intent behind their products, where they believe the items will be of benefit, and how to use them – as well as practice with them.

Their marketing focuses on both decent, normal humans and law enforcement. In both cases, they discuss the prevention of unauthorized access.

Getting Feedback

While reviewing a product, be it a firearm or not, I will reach out to others who have used the item or have relevant experience. I did the same with GoSafe’s products. I talked with two friends who are heavily involved in teaching non-traditional firearms users.

During those discussions, we discussed environments where the Mobile Mag would be beneficial. One area we agreed on was in a school environment where the staff could have defensive firearms but not carry them on their persons (we can argue that idea another time). The pistol could be stored in a safe. If there was concern about the safe being forcibly entered, the key-operated Mobile Mag could be an acceptable workaround.

Round Up

So, when working on a gear or gun review – what is it for, what is it supposed to do, and how does it do it. Those are the questions I am looking at and trying to answer. I hope this helps you understand the thought process.



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