The Gunsite Irregulars, founded by Dick Williams, is a small group that meets twice a year at Gunsite for three days of instruction and camaraderie. Each event has a different theme, ranging from predator defense with big bore handguns to single-action revolvers to lever-action rifles.

The next events theme will be “The Survival Handgun” and participants can use handgun whatever they think is best suited for that mission.

Years ago Black Hills Ammunition present me with a Black Hills commemorative Ruger Mark IV 22/45 Lite. This would be my choice equipped with a Bushnell RXS-250 miniature red dot site (MRDS) and a SWR .22 suppressor. My problem was that I didn’t have the optimum gear for an event at Gunsite. Assisting me in the past with custom projects, I called my friend Rob Leahy at Simply Rugged Holsters for help.


Hansen’s vision of a survival handgun his Black Hills commemorative Ruger Mark IV 22/45 Lite with Bushnell MRDS and SWR suppressor, but he needed a new holster for it.





Simply Rugged Holsters began in 2004 in Rob’s kitchen and living room after making a move to Alaska that same year. Rob turned a hobby into a practical, competitively priced, marketable product.

After a very successful season of making holsters in the small living space, the operation was moved into a 10′ X 12′ building in the backyard, complete with moose traveling through. He soon outgrew that space and the business became housed in the family’s two car garage.

He then decided to seek a warmer climate in 2009 and moved back to the southwest and relocated to the Prescott area. The shop is now housed in a 1,600 sq. ft. building. Rob now employs up to eight people to help turn out high quality leather holsters, leather gun belts, and other leather gun products.


Simple Rugged Competitor holster is adorned with American alligator and basket stamped leather.


Open top pouch will hold an extra magazine and Surefire Stiletto flashlight.


Suppressor pouch is covered with American alligator hide.





The holster model we decided on was the Competitor: a strong side, vertical carry holster for field and range use. Like all Simply Rugged holsters, it is laminated and lined with top grain Hermann Oak Leather.

Due to the nature of the design, one size will work with several different autos: a S&W M&P will also fit Glocks or an FNX9. Adjustable tension bolts allow you to create just the right amount of tension for your needs.

A modification to the standard design was needed for handgun, specifically the front of the holster needed to be cut down to enable the gun to be holstered with the MRDS attached and the bottom would be needed to be left open for when the suppressor was attached.

With the Gunsite event several months away, I left my prized Ruger with Rob and told him to keep it as long as he needed.

A month later Rob called me and said the holster was ready and he would deliver it to me.

When I opened the box I could barely believe my eyes. About a third of the front of the holster was basket stamped and the remaining portion was covered in American alligator hide.

About 2/3s of the open top pouch was basket stamped and the other 1/3 covered in alligator hide. I found the pouch would hold an extra magazine and my Surefire Stiletto flashlight.

The Hermann Oak Leather pouch for my suppressor was completely covered with alligator hide.

Rob’s expertise made me the proud owner of a one of a kind owner of quality leather that complements a one of a kind commemorative pistol.

If you want to place your prized handgun into custom quality leather instead of plastic that will scratch it, check out Simply Rugged Holsters. You can thank me later.