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Sling bags are a highly practical option for the off-body carrying of essentials. One of the standout features of these bags is their sling design, which provides quick access to gear. They are used as a tactical bail-out bag or close-protection admin bag for this reason.

Sling bags offer the flexibility of being able to be slung either on the front, side, or back. Back carry offers stability, while side and front carry ensure easy access to items, better control in crowds, and prevent unauthorized access from behind. The sling design allows the bag to be worn comfortably crossbody, providing an added level of security. Attempting to carry a backpack like a sling bag by using only one strap can cause discomfort and imbalance.

Why Not Backpacks?

Backpacks generally do offer more storage capacity and better weight distribution than sling bags. The design of backpacks evenly distributes the weight across both shoulders, reducing strain and discomfort, making them an excellent choice for long journeys or when carrying heavy items.

Why A Sling Bag?

Some sling bags are designed for a specific shoulder, while others have an ambidextrous design for either shoulder carry. Shown is the Vertx Commuter.

A sling bag provides more comfort for extended trips than briefcases or duffel bags. This comfort comes from the distribution of weight across the body, which can reduce strain on any one area. However, comfort can be subjective and may vary depending on the specific design of the bag and the individual using it.

Sling bags come in a vast array of sizes and designs. They range from compact personal bags that can do double duty as a waist-pack or crossbody-sling to larger sling bags that can serve as carry-on luggage when traveling or even pack a compact rifle. The versatility and convenience of sling bags make them a great choice.

They are often equipped with multiple compartments and pockets, allowing for efficient organization of items. Some models feature hook-and-loop panels (Velcro®) or PALS webbing, which allows for the attachment of additional pouches or compartments for added versatility.

Choosing a Sling Bag

Think about your compartment needs. For many small items, choose a bag with multiple pockets. Some sling bags have specific compartments. Bags with loop panels or PALS webbing offer customization.

When selecting a sling bag, there are several factors to consider for you to choose the right one for your needs.

Size and Capacity

Some sling bags have a concealed carry platform; Vertx’s Commuter XL 2.0 is a rifle-compatible platform with loop lining and a pull tab designed for rapid access.

When choosing a sling pack, you first need to decide what you’re going to carry. Otherwise, you will likely end up with one that’s either too large or too small for your needs and without the necessary features. The size of the sling bag should be appropriate for your needs. If you plan to carry only essentials like a wallet, phone, and keys, a small sling bag will suffice. However, if you intend to carry larger items, you’ll need a larger bag with more capacity.


Durability, weight, and water resistance are important. Nylon is often considered the best material for sling bags due to its numerous advantages: Nylon is strong and resistant to water and mildew, making it suitable for outdoor activities. Nylon sling bags are lightweight, low maintenance, and affordable. Nylon is flexible, which makes it a good option for irregularly shaped loads.

The sling design offers comfort and security when worn crossbody. Carrying a backpack using one strap like a sling bag can lead to discomfort and imbalance. Vertx’s Navigator bag is shown here.

Denier measures fabric thickness. Higher ratings (around 500D) mean stronger, longer-lasting material for sling bags. However, over 500D may be excessive, increasing the bag’s weight.


MOLLE-compatible panels can convert almost any bag into a handy modular carry platform.

Since sling bags are worn across the body, it’s essential to consider comfort. Look for a bag with a wide, padded strap to distribute weight evenly and reduce strain on your shoulder. This is less essential with waist packs or fanny packs worn across the body due to their reduced capacity, which results in less weight. Many sling bags feature a padded back panel for added comfort. Some sling bags have a stabilizer strap to help redistribute weight for more comfortable carry.

How Are They Worn

Certain sling bags are specifically designed to be carried on a particular shoulder. However, some feature an ambidextrous sling carry design, allowing the bag to be configured for carry on either shoulder or even as a messenger-style satchel. Some bags also have an attaché-style carry handle.

Vertx’s Tactigami includes a variety of holster designs.

Many people prefer to wear a sling bag on the shoulder opposite their dominant-hand side as this allows for ease of access. However, when carrying a handgun on the strong side, a common practice is to wear the bag on the strong side shoulder so as not to obstruct clearing the cover garment or the draw. A lot depends on the size of the bag. And, of course, your own preferences.

Compartments and Organization

Consider how many compartments you need. If you carry many small items, look for a bag with multiple pockets for organization. Some sling bags have dedicated compartments for specific items. Bags with a loop panel for hook-backed accessories or PALS webbing allow for customization. Consider ease of access, as well.

This is the Vertx S.O.C.P. Rigid Insert Panel.

MOLLE-compatible insert panels are available that can transform almost any type of bag into a convenient modular carry platform. They allow for a seamless transition between bags without the need to rearrange your gear when changing your off-body carry.

Some sling bags feature a concealed carry platform with loop lining and a pull tab designed for rapid access. This allows for secure and discreet storage with rapid access. They aren’t only limited to handguns; some of the larger ones are designed to be rifle-compatible. Some sling bags are also designed to be ballistic panel compatible.


Sling bags are available in a wide range of styles. The sling bag should fit the settings in which you plan to use it. A subdued, low-profile nylon bag can blend into nearly any setting and is a great all-around choice. Exposed PALS webbing systems, while practical, have a more “tactical” appearance.

Sling bags – like the Vertx SOCP Tactical Fanny Pack – come in a wide range of sizes. They may be worn as either a waist pack or sling bag.

Final Thoughts

Sling bags are versatile and practical accessories that cater to a wide range of needs and lifestyles. Whether you’re an armed professional needing a discreet yet functional bag, a traveler seeking a secure and convenient way to carry essentials, or simply someone looking for a stylish and comfortable bag for everyday use, there’s a sling bag out there for you. They offer a unique blend of style, functionality, and versatility.