featureTenicor ARX holster on ZERO Belt

The ZERO™ Belt is one of the newest products to be released by Tenicor, a company best known for its innovative concealment holsters. The ZERO Belt was in development for over 13 years before its release. Tenicor was founded by former law enforcement patrol and SWAT officer Jeff Mau, who serves as company Head of Strategy and Development.

I reached out to Tenicor after seeing the ZERO Belt on their website. They responded quickly and graciously sent a ZERO Belt out to me along with its new sibling, the ZERO Under Belt.

A sturdy belt is the foundation of any carry system. Traditional belts can lack the rigidity and stability to support a holstered weapon adequately. Like the variety of fashionable belts, there are a wide variety of gun belts too.

One’s choice of a belt can make or break a carry system. The search for the optimal belt for everyday concealment is a struggle. Belts must be sufficiently rigid to support your gear and keep it consistently positioned but not so rigid that it’s uncomfortable to wear. Although outside-the-waistband holsters require a thicker and stiffer belt, most gun belts are too stiff and too rigid for discreet or inside-the-waistband carry.

As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. Tenicor wasn’t satisfied with what was available in a low-profile minimalist concealment belt. None of the existing designs met Tenicor’s criteria for what they wanted in a concealed belt. They set out to change that, and the ZERO Belt was their answer.

The Tenicor ZERO Belt is a low-profile minimalist concealment belt. A recent addition to the Tenicor line, it was in development for more than 13 years.

Tenicor built the ZERO Belt from the ground up to reflect their needs for consistent carry and durability. They have come out with a very low-profile buckle attachment system with zero excess that they believe is unparalleled. They named it the ZERO Belt because it’s like you’re not wearing a belt.

Simple yet well-thought-out design.

The design is both simple and brilliant. The design works the opposite of what you think you would do with a belt. The Belt’s tail is threaded through the buckle before tucking in behind it, sandwiching it between the body and the Belt. The unique ZERO Buckle and reverse threading of the Belt creates a camming action that prevents the Belt from slipping when worn. It also allows the Belt to be precisely adjusted. When I first received the belts, I was concerned about the possibility of slippage, but my concern has proven to be completely unfounded. There hasn’t been any loosening or slipping.

The ZERO has a unique design with the tail of the belt threaded through the buckle and tucked behind the belt.

The ZERO buckle is made of 6061-T6 aluminum and is MIL-A-8625F, Type III, Class 2 black hard anodized. The ZERO buckle is unbelievably low profile. It gives you a smooth front of the Belt that won’t get in the way of other gear or print, a real plus for appendix carry. No need to offset your buckle to the side. There isn’t anything protruding to hang up on when clearing your garment. There is no Velcro® or extra loops to contend with or make your Belt seem thicker.

The ZERO is sewn by Wilderness Tactical Products, which has over 40 years’ experience sewing tactical products.

The ZERO Belt is sewn for Tenicor by Wilderness Tactical Products, makers of the Original Instructor Belt. They have been sewing quality tactical products for over 40 years.

The 1.5″ wide ZERO Belt features a single layer of Wilderness Tactical Products proprietary support webbing with a face layer of MIL-W-17337 thin nylon webbing. This dual-layer combination adds support without the bulk of other gun belts. The belt tails have Wilderness Tactical Products polymerized end-tab treatment, which soaks into the core of the nylon and permanently prevents the Belt from fraying, cracking, or deforming.

The ZERO under belt has added soft Velcro loop sewn on the outside to optimize it as a platform to support your duty belt, competition belt, or range belt.

The ZERO Belt is thinner and more flexible than typical 2-ply nylon gun belts. The 1.5X thickness of the ZERO Belt is designed to provide the perfect balance of flexibility and rigidity for all-day comfort and durability. The Belt features 4-stitch construction. Stitching reinforcement near the buckle helps to ensure stable mounting of holsters or mag pouches in that position while maintaining sufficient flexibility for comfort and to conform to the wearer’s body. All stitching is 92-weight bonded polyester thread, heavier than the 69-weight mil-spec industry standard, and more UV resistant. The Belt is stitched with 8 to 10 stitches per inch, which makes a stronger seam than the 5 or 6 stitches per inch stitch count average of most competitors.

ZERO Under Belt
The ZERO Under Belt has all the features of the ZERO plus a Velcro loop sewn on the outside to optimize it for use with an over belt. If you’re looking for an under belt for your duty belt or range belt that also doubles as a standalone everyday concealed carry Belt, you’ll want to check out the ZERO Under Belt.

The Tenicor ZERO Under Belt has all the features of the ZERO Belt plus added soft Velcro loop sewn on the outside to optimize it as a platform to support your duty belt, competition belt, or range belt.

The ZERO Belt and ZERO Under Belt are available in even sizes from 28″ to 44″. Getting the right size is easy. Just order your pant waist size. If you wear an odd-numbered size, order the next size up. The belts come in black only.

The ZERO Belt and ZERO Under Belt are outstanding belts that meet all their design criteria. Tenicor hit it out of the ballpark with both. MSRP for the standard ZERO Belt is $79.00. The ZERO Under Belt has an MSRP of $89.00. All Tenicor products are made in the USA and have a lifetime warranty.