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Surefire’s original Turbo Series lights were game changers when they were introduced in the 1990s, pushing the boundaries of the then-existing technology to achieve astonishingly far-reaching lights. Today, the all-new Turbo Series has once again raised the bar, delivering up to 100,000 candela of intense, focused light that can reach out to extreme distances. Choosing the best beam configuration isn’t a one-size-fits-all matter. The new Turbo Series provides users with additional options.

SureFire EDC1-DFT

SureFire has released their latest Turbo handhelds, the dual-output EDC1-DFT and EDC2-DFT. They’re the newest entrants in the growing market of high-candela flashlights, positioning themselves as direct competitors to the Cloud Defensive® MCH HC and Modlite® OKW. They represent the next step in Surefire’s ongoing focus on high-candela lighting, a journey that began with the Turbo Scout Light Pro DFT head and was further developed with the X300-T. The same principles have now been applied to handheld lighting.

The dual fuel Turbo Series flashlights provide the farthest-reaching beams of any SureFire handhelds, The EDC1-DFT generates a peak of 95,0000 candela on high output when powered by an 18350 rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

I opted for the EDC1-DFT. It was a tough choice between the two, but the shorter length won out for pocket carry. The trade-off is less output and runtime than its bigger brother. To achieve the high candela, SureFire employs a proprietary 25 mm reflector that adds to the length considering battery size. The lights are nonetheless remarkably compact, factoring in the candela. For some, the additional length of the EDC2-DFT will be a non-issue.

Size matters for EDC

The EDC1-DFT has a length of 4.76 in (12.1 cm). The bezel diameter measures 1.258 in (3.19 cm). With an18350 battery, it weighs 4.56 oz (128.3 g). The light has excellent ergonomics and feels good in the hand. It’s short enough to conveniently tuck into a pocket but long enough for use as an expedient impact weapon should the need arise.

The parabolic reflector produces a high-candela beam thats ideal for positive identification at long distances and penetrating photonic barriers. The bezel is slightly scalloped with an impact-resistant glass window.

As would be expected from SureFire, the EDC1-DFT is a ruggedly built flashlight. It has a 6061-T6 aluminum body and tail cap with your choice of either a black or gray hard anodized (MIL-A-8625 Type III, Class2) finish or a tan Cerakote® coating. Knurling ensures a comfortable and secure grip in all conditions. It has SureFire’s tried-and-true black oxide-finished stainless-steel two-way pocket clip for easy bezel-up or bezel-down carry. It also allows you to clip the light to the brim of a cap for use as a makeshift headlamp. The flashlight is O-ring and gasket sealed and meets the IPX7 standard, meaning it can withstand being submerged in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes.

The light’s size is perfect. It’s small enough for convenient front pocket carry and large enough to grasp securely.

The flashlight has a durable, scratch-resistant borosilicate glass lens for increased light transmission compared to plastics and lower-quality glass and a precision-engineered, smooth parabolic reflector that produces an exceptionally far-reaching beam.

Power Supply

Dual Fuel Technology allows for the use of either the included rechargeable SF18350 battery, a single 123A battery, or a rechargeable 16340 battery.

The SF18350 is a protected 18350 battery that utilizes lithium-ion technology and features a micro-USB charging capability. This allows users to charge the battery easily using any USB power source, such as a USB wall charger, computer/laptop, power bank, or car USB port. A micro-USB to USB cable is included. The SF18350 is compatible with all SureFire Dual Fuel products that are powered by a single 123A battery. It’s not compatible with products powered by a single 123A battery that do not support the Dual Fuel feature.


SureFire tests its lights to the ANSI/PLATO FL1 2019 Standard. The EDC1-DFT can generate up to 95,000 candela and 650 lumens of focused light with a runtime of 45 minutes using an SF18350 battery, or 55,000 candela and 350 lumens with a runtime of 1 hour using a single 123A battery. The beam distance reaches 616 meters with an 18350 battery and 469 meters with a 123A battery. It also features a useful 25-lumen low-output mode, ideal for close-up tasks and extending runtime to 12 hours with the 18350 battery.

It features SureFire’s Dual Fuel Technology for maximum flexibility. The lithium-ion 18350 battery is micro-USB rechargeable. Dual Fuel Technology allows for using either a 123A or 16340 battery.

The SureFire EDC1-DFT exhibits excellent regulation throughout its runtime. It emits maximum light for a minute, then steps down to produce a consistent amount for most of the remaining runtime before gradually decreasing. This is to mitigate the risk of overheating and maintain optimal performance.


The flashlight features a click-style tail cap that supports both momentary and constant on. Half-press for momentary and full-press and click for constant-on. A single press activates the high mode, and a quick double press switches to the low mode. The light always defaults to the high mode, providing immediate access to the brightest setting, which can be essential in emergency situations. It can then be switched to low mode if needed. For strictly tactical applications, I prefer a binary switch (on/off), but for all-around use, the multi-press dual-output operation is a big plus. The switch has a long throw and requires a fair amount of pressure to activate, reducing the likelihood of negligent discharges. The tail cap also has a patented twist lockout feature.

The light has a dual-mode click-style tail cap. Press the click switch for momentary-on or press fully to click for constant-on activation. Press twice quickly for low. The default is always high. It has a twist lockout feature.

The EDC1-DFT has a very smooth beam with a well-defined hotspot that provides exceptional throw while still providing ample spill so as not to sacrifice situational awareness. There are no artifacts. The beam has a color temperature in the daylight white range and is capable of rendering colors well. The high-candela beam does an excellent job of punching through photonic barriers, tinted windows, fog, rain, and smoke.

SureFire gives you a variety of options when selecting a light to meet your mission-specific needs (Courtesy SureFire).

For defensive applications, the focus should be on candela. Lumens don’t tell the whole story as they don’t measure the amount of energy per unit area. We want candela to be high. The EDC1-DFT certainty qualifies. It’s a force multiplier.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, SureFire has a winner in the EDC1-DFT. It’s an outstanding light for plain clothes and off-duty carry. It offers exceptional performance in a compact package. Its robust construction, impressive brightness, and user-friendly design make it an indispensable EDC asset. And it’s designed and built in the USA.

MSRP for the EDC1-MFT is $259.00 (hard anodized) or $289.00 (Cerakote). It has a 30-day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee and is covered by the SureFire No-Hassle Warranty.