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Developing Training Plans

If I were left on my own, own of two things would happen when I hit the gym. A) I would go in and do those exercises that I can do without a lot of drama; I might work up a sweat and even see an improvement or two over a long time. B) My path through the building would look like I was following a squirrel. Instead, I work out with a trainer. She [...]

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  PROLOGUE Recently Lt. Chuck Smith and I were sitting on my front deck watching Oregon’s Umpqua River flow by, shooting suppressed weapons, killing some brain cells and generally swapping lies when one of us [...]


  The broken windows theory states that ignoring signs of crime, anti-social behavior and civil disorder creates an environment that encourages further crime and disorder, including serious crimes. Mute testimony to the theory was exhibited [...]


Who Knew They Were Crooks?

  Surveillance cameras caught everything when three stooges — maybe not the originals, but their techniques were very similar — charged into a Houston department store in early morning hours. Three masked bandidos, one with [...]

Maybe a truck would be a good idea?

We've all had a similar call: "All units, rolling road hazard, I-65 Southbound...." The vehicle in the photo was recently purchased a wide selection of high-quality raw lumber from a auction and decided to take [...]

Sign? Oh, You Mean Those Signs!

In Yellowstone National Park, it’s getting difficult to see the animals because of all the signs warning morons that wildlife is wild. Some are brief, while others go on about how bison can stand 6 [...]

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