Ideal for both handgun hunting and protection while fishing, camping or hiking in bear country, Galco’s bestselling Great Alaskan positions the handgun on the chest, keeping it clear of gear carried near the waistline. It also helps keep your handgun dry when wading, and is a great choice for riding, whether on an ATV or on horseback.

Speed can be essential when easily-spooked game or an unpredictable predator appears, and the Great Alaskan’s positioning at the front of the body offers a speedy and simple draw. An outdoorsman’s holster also needs to retain the handgun in the rough-and-tumble hunting and hiking fields. The Great Alaskan ensures secure retention with a simple safety strap that features a glove-friendly polymer finger tab.

The Great Alaskan is extremely comfortable with heavy handguns, using both a wide premium-steerhide shoulder strap and a torso strap that comfortably bear the weight of a large-framed revolver or auto.

The Great Alaskan is constructed of extremely sturdy yet beautiful premium steerhide in Galco’s signature hand-rubbed, oil-finished tan. Holster, harness and straps come ready for easy end-user adjustment. The harness will also accept an optional carrier for spare ammo.