For years many people have said that it is unwise to carry handloaded ammo for defensive purposes. This is based mostly on two elements—both of which I believe are mostly myths. The first point of [...]


  I have been reloading for over 45 years and casting my own bullets for almost as long. The main reason I got into loading and casting, like many others, was to make my shooting [...]

  • Speer Gold Dot Carry Gun

Speer Gold Dot CarryGun

Founded in 1943, Vernon Speer provided rifle bullets, and later, handgun bullets to reloaders from his small ammunition company. In the 1960s he began loading those bullets for what would become the famous Speer Lawman [...]

Norma MHP Ammunition – Most Expandable?

The folks at Norma have been busy in the secret ammo lab. I’ve always admired their rifle and rimfire offerings, but haven’t followed developments in the handgun area as closely. A new for 2020 self-defense [...]


Back-Up Guns

I did the cop-thing for about a decade and since then have continued to teach firearms tactics and work with law enforcement officers for an additional 30 years. Over the last 40 years some things [...]

Wheel Guns are Real Guns

In this era of double-stack polymer nines, it is easy to overlook revolvers as archaic and out of date. However, I believe anyone carrying a firearm for a living should, at the very least, be [...]

Springfield’s Prodigy – Part 1

Suppose the emergence and growth of double stack, single action, 9mm 2011 pistols did not get everyone's attention during the last few years. In that case, I'd imagine Springfield's release of the Prodigy – a [...]



  Carbines that use the same ammunition as a pistol are nothing new, even semiautomatic carbines. The Marline Camp Carbine was introduced in 1985 and had a fair amount of success until in was discontinued [...]


12 Gauge Recoil And (Too Much) Stuff

I spent most of my LE career teaching firearms skills to cops and repairing/maintaining agency guns as an armorer. We issued Remington 870s to every officer during recruit school. The training was intensive; recruits fired [...]

Is Your Shotgun Ready?

Low, High, Indoor, and CQB – just the different ready positions commonly employed by those who may have a shotgun in their hands. Which one is most likely as driven by one's surroundings as by [...]

Shotguns – do they still have a place?

Shotguns - have they outlived themselves, or do they still have a place? For citizens? For cops? A few thoughts on where we are with shotguns and how we got to this point. Back when [...]