• Black Hills Honeybadger Ammunition

Black Hills Honeybadger Ammunition

Like the famous internet meme, Black Hills HoneyBadger ammo don’t care about expansion-limiting tough barriers. This self-defense load is topped with a solid copper projectile — with a twist. Literally. The deep flutes act like [...]

  • Federal Premium Punch Ammo

Federal Premium Punch Ammo

Here’s another “easier to say than do” apothegm … Shoot several hundred rounds of your defensive ammo through your carry gun to be sure it’s reliable! At average prices, this works out to a few [...]

  • Winchester Law Enforcement

Winchester Law Enforcement Launches New Website

Winchester® Ammunition announces the launch of its redesigned website for its Law Enforcement products. The new website utilizes cutting-edge technology and additional features including a mobile-first design. The site is also optimized for search engines and features a best-in-class experience, providing customers with an engaging user experience.

  • Hornady Critical Defense

Hornady Critical Defense

Designed for short-range defensive situations, Hornady Critical Defense Rifle delivers quick expansion for reduced potential of over-penetration. The patented Flex Tip of the Critical Defense FTX bullet not only helps keep the nose cavity free [...]

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Big Bad Belly Gun

Smith & Wesson Redefines CCW With The X-Frame .500 S&W For Defense Against, Well... Anything By Mark Hampton Photos: Joseph R. Novelozo A few short years ago one of my best friends and I were [...]

SIG P210 Target 9mm

Made In America: Legendarily Accurate Competition Classic SIG’s original military Model 210 was introduced in 1949 and shipped with a 50-meter test target with a 5-shot, sub-2" group, establishing a reputation for stellar accuracy. Variations [...]

New Era, New Snake

Payton Miller The Colt Cobra—introduced in 1950—was the company’s second “snake gun” (the first being the super-premium Python). A lightweight alloy version of the steel “D-frame” Detective Special, the original First Model Cobra featured the [...]

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