• Black Hills Honeybadger Ammunition

Black Hills Honeybadger Ammunition

Like the famous internet meme, Black Hills HoneyBadger ammo don’t care about expansion-limiting tough barriers. This self-defense load is topped with a solid copper projectile — with a twist. Literally. The deep flutes act like [...]

  • Federal Premium Punch Ammo

Federal Premium Punch Ammo

Here’s another “easier to say than do” apothegm … Shoot several hundred rounds of your defensive ammo through your carry gun to be sure it’s reliable! At average prices, this works out to a few [...]

  • Winchester Law Enforcement

Winchester Law Enforcement Launches New Website

Winchester® Ammunition announces the launch of its redesigned website for its Law Enforcement products. The new website utilizes cutting-edge technology and additional features including a mobile-first design. The site is also optimized for search engines and features a best-in-class experience, providing customers with an engaging user experience.

  • Hornady Critical Defense

Hornady Critical Defense

Designed for short-range defensive situations, Hornady Critical Defense Rifle delivers quick expansion for reduced potential of over-penetration. The patented Flex Tip of the Critical Defense FTX bullet not only helps keep the nose cavity free [...]

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Big Bad Belly Gun

Smith & Wesson Redefines CCW With The X-Frame .500 S&W For Defense Against, Well... Anything By Mark Hampton Photos: Joseph R. Novelozo A few short years ago one of my best friends and I were [...]

SIG P210 Target 9mm

Made In America: Legendarily Accurate Competition Classic SIG’s original military Model 210 was introduced in 1949 and shipped with a 50-meter test target with a 5-shot, sub-2" group, establishing a reputation for stellar accuracy. Variations [...]

New Era, New Snake

Payton Miller The Colt Cobra—introduced in 1950—was the company’s second “snake gun” (the first being the super-premium Python). A lightweight alloy version of the steel “D-frame” Detective Special, the original First Model Cobra featured the [...]

  • Les Baer American Handgunner 1911

Les Baer’s American Handgunner Special Edition 1911 .45 ACP

It’s here, rendered in steel, a sort of living performance of a dream Les and I have shared right along with many of you. This project is one of those times when an idea pinging away at you finally pushes itself to the front. Or, in this case, bashes down the door, demanding to be attended to. Then, suddenly, it’s real and I’m holding it in my hand, answering the question: What would be a “perfect” 1911?

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