Street Cop Tactics

Over the years, I’ve watched what’s been written about tactics and their application by cops. I noticed much of the material is geared toward SWAT and specialized units. Perhaps this is because the perception is [...]


The Walking Wounded

Stepping out of the car is the only viable option for drawing from a front pocket holster.   I’m going to put you in a boot for a month,” the doctor said with [...]

Six Shots For Six Sergeants

This came out of a scratch gathering of sergeants, discussing the drumbeat of petty details, the constant “white noise” and perpetual distractions that plague the job, and their worst effect: distracting them from the core [...]

Teacher Or Instructor … Which Are You?

Look back to your youth and ponder your school days. Did you have teachers you admired, who made the learning process fun and exciting? Could you see their passion for the subject and did they [...]

Some Simple Sergeant’s Rules

I was asked if I had some “simple rules” for success as a sergeant; dealing with issues other than training, tactics or administrative stuff. Many years ago, after reading Benjamin Franklin’s personal rules, I came [...]


Shooting in Virtual Reality

Scenario-based training in my academy class involved role players – often more than one - and evaluators spread out across the grounds of the academy. In addition to those people were the scenario coordinators, a [...]


The term "self-defense" means different things to different people. To a police officer, self-defense differs significantly from defensive tactics or DT, as it is known in the law enforcement training community.  From a civilian perspective, [...]


SEAL THE BOX | Treating Sucking Chest Wounds

  With an open chest wound, the victim may develop tension pneumothorax. Tension pneumothorax is the second leading cause of preventable trauma deaths on the battlefield. It is the progressive build-up of air within the [...]

Trauma Care

In the middle of nowhere. How long will it take you to get an ambulance? What if the ambulance was for you? Most of you probably keep some sort of medical bag in your patrol [...]