As an FBI agent, I was fortunate to be “loaned” to the DEA for three years in a training capacity. My tactical training and survival unit was supervised and populated by some of the finest [...]


We need good cops now more than ever. Unfortunately, with budgets and the political climate being what they are, it’s getting harder than ever to attract quality people to our line of work. Every time [...]


STREET LEVEL | Straight Talk On Supervision & Leadership

Recap. “Punishment” is only one of several aspects of discipline — frequently and wrongfully employed. “Context” is important. A violation, appearing clear-cut, may deserve mitigation, exoneration or even commendation. “Ink” should never dictate the level [...]

Grey Looks Great on You

So, what’s with this ‘greyman’ concept? Well, on the surface, it sounds pretty simple – just blend in.    When you look deeper and get more into the details, it gets interesting. Subscribing to the [...]

Home Defense

Given current and emerging threats such as the open U.S. Southern border and crime surges throughout the major cities, law-abiding citizens have a commensurate and justified concern about rising home invasions. What are some recommended [...]


REALITY CHECK II | Plastic Practice

Probably one of the biggest shortcomings of law enforcement is the lack of training or time in the area of firearms. Mainly, it’s due to budgets, manpower and lack of range facilities. Here, I won’t [...]

The Behavior Management Psychology Of Patrol

The vast majority of what we do as police officers is to interact with people. So it’s safe to say our inter-personal and communication skills will dictate our effectiveness. Any of us who’ve been on [...]


SEAL THE BOX | Treating Sucking Chest Wounds

  With an open chest wound, the victim may develop tension pneumothorax. Tension pneumothorax is the second leading cause of preventable trauma deaths on the battlefield. It is the progressive build-up of air within the [...]

Trauma Care

In the middle of nowhere. How long will it take you to get an ambulance? What if the ambulance was for you? Most of you probably keep some sort of medical bag in your patrol [...]