Alien Gear Holsters Rapid Force LVL2 Slim Holster

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Having a durable and reliable holster is crucial when it comes to carrying a firearm, but it’s even more important for law enforcement. For as long as they’ve been armed, suspects have attempted to disarm cops — sometimes successfully. The quality of retention is a life-saving matter.

Enter Alien Gear Holsters’ new LVL2 Slim Holster. Designed with direct input from active and retired law enforcement officers and military veterans, it’s the latest addition to their Rapid Force line of duty holsters.

The LVL 2 Slim Holster is an outside the waistband holster with level 2 retention built for those needing a more compact holster while maintaining compatibility with their current Rapid Force Quick Disconnect System. The optional Quick Disconnect System (QDS) allows the user to switch the holster from one carry configuration to another, quickly and easily, without tools.

It features intuitive draw for reduced time to competency and a slim, minimalist design while maintaining the strength and durability Rapid Force is known for. Made from Alien Gear Holster’s proprietary blend of polymer, it is 20% lighter, 40% stronger, and 80% more heat resistant than Kydex-type holsters.

The LVL2 Slim Holster accommodates suppressor height sights of 0.475-inches, and the optic cut is compatible with all standard optic mounting plates; however, it will not work with optics that extend past the front of the optic mount. The Rapid Force LVL2 Slim Holster is compatible with all Rapid Force expansions and available for certain GLOCK, Smith & Wesson and SIG Sauer models.

The Rapid Force on-duty/off-duty Level 2 retention holster mounts outside the waistband via the Alien Gear Paddle or the newest available carrying method, the Locking Belt Slide with QDS expansion.

Alien Gear Holsters New Rapid Force LVL2 Slim Holster

Built with ultimate security in mind, the Locking Belt Slide ensures your Rapid Force holster cannot be removed from your belt no matter how much force is applied to the holster. This innovative design works in conjunction with the Rapid Force Quick Disconnect System (QDS). Simply snap the Locking Belt Slide over your 1.5” to 2.25” belt and insert your Rapid Force holster with QDS Attachment into the QDS Receiver on the Locking Belt Slide to lock everything in place. Once inserted, the Locking Belt Slide cannot be opened unless the QDS attachment and holster are removed.

Made in the USA, the Rapid Force Duty Holster comes with a 30-day field test drive and a three-year full manufacturer warranty. MSRP starts at $73.88 (no light) and $79.88 (with light) on the Standard Paddle LVL 2 Slim Holster, and on the Locking Belt Slide with QDS its $108.88 (no light) and $114.88 (with light).

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