He may be big enough to drive, but is he big enough to get a traffic ticket? The officer who pulled over a candy- apple red Mustang GT about 10 miles west of Oshkosh, Wis., took maybe two seconds thinking about that question, then just smiled and asked the upset driver, “Can you point to your house from here?”

The driver of the Mustang couldn’t. The passenger wasn’t any help either. About all he could get out of ’em was, “We went for a ride.”

Okay, that Mustang GT was a battery-operated miniature, and the driver and passenger were only 3 and 2 years old, respectively. However, they had been motoring along on surface streets, a busy connector, and they had even crossed a bridge and a state highway before the cop got ’em stopped. They had left in their wake a string of pursuing parents, neigh- bors and concerned citizens — all unable to catch up to the cruisin’ rug-rats.

Little Jordan Will’s Mustang is quite a ride. It has a keyed ignition, premium sound system, real chrome wheels and enough juice to outrun a buncha grownups. Jordan’s daddy, Doug Will, assured the police he has impounded Jordan’s keys, and unsuper- vised, Jordan will only be allowed to sit in the Mustang and make zoom-zoom sounds.

We think that will only work until Little “NASCAR” Jordan finds a paperclip and gets into that ignition system.