Carry Options For Savvy Shooters

By Aimee Grant

Without further fuss or fiasco, let’s focus on a hand-full of our favorite go-to carry concepts. While this isn’t everything, we like to think it helps to keep you sharp when it comes to what’s new — and what works!


The Blood Stripe series from G-Code is a limited run for charity benefitting the MARSOC Foundation which serves Marines, sailors and their families. A tribute to the Marine Corps “dress blues,” the “tactical fuzz” outside of mine is the color of the dress blues, bonded on a scarlet Kydex liner mirroring the blood stripe. The G-Code allows you to pick every aspect of the holster from the guard “rise” to multiple light systems. The “mojo” riser on the belt clip gives another level of customization. Mine came with brass mojo to mirror the buttons on the Marine Corps Dress Blues — chills are no extra charge.


The Blakguard by Galco is a holster fusion of premium cut steer hide with injection-molded plastic. The Blakguard is a neutral draw with “trench” style sight rail accommodating most sights. The front is cut low to fit suppressor sights or red dot sights. The Blakguard is designed to be an affordable, adjustable, “go-to” holster.


Baby is the newest appendix carry holster from Kinetic Concealment. The Baby is backed with leather and neoprene making it a comfortable and lightweight carry. It is available for both right and left hand, and is held secure with a single belt clip.


The StealthGearUSA Mini is an update on their full IWB rig. With all the awesome technology of the VentCore platform, and the handsome black oxide stainless steel fasteners, this Mini has all the great specs of the full size. All of the StealthGear holsters are made for a custom fit for each gun. No “one size fits most!”


The New VISM Battle Belt allows you to carry your shooting gear comfortably on your waist. The padded belt has internal stiffeners and webbing on both side panels for quickly attaching and detaching compatible accessories. Holsters, magazine pouches, dump pouches and other accessories are held securely, but can easily be changed out. The battle belt is compatible with suspenders and includes an adjustable Pistol Belt.


Oregon Trail Defense takes the Safariland ALS holster to the next level. The Nub Mod increases access while maintaining retention. Installation requires tightening one screw, and the hex wrench is included. In high stress or low light levels, the Nub Mod’s higher profile makes the comfortable draw of the already great ALS, even easier. The Nub Mod makes it easy to get a grip!


The Tempest by Crossfire is an IWB holster to satisfy your extreme comfort needs. It’s held in place by an ultra-durable single clip which works great, with or without a belt. The Tempest has a neoprene backing which is light weight and moisture wicking. So the Tempest keeps you cool — and makes holstering a breeze.