• Simply Rugged Holsters

Simply Rugged Holsters

Tough As Their Name Says They Are By Mark Hampton As the story goes, Rob Leahy started making holsters at his kitchen table because he was having a difficult time finding the perfect fit for [...]

  • N82 Tactical Holsters

N82 Tactical Holsters

Proof The Entrepreneurial Spirit Is Alive! By Roy Huntington I’ve had the pleasure to watch this little company grow from a “Gee, we have an idea” stage to a company doing splendid work supplying honestly [...]

Viper Holsters

Fast, Safe — And Comfortable By Roy Huntington Some things coming across our desks often look like holsters, some even sorta’ act like holsters — until they wear out, lose the gun or just plain [...]

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Beast Mode! Case Winker American Hero Knives

The annual SHOT Show is not just a huge venue for buying and selling, but an incubator for building new relationships and exchanging ideas. At SHOT Show 2016 two diverse parties got together and discussed [...]

Spicy Slicers!

For Spyderco Variety Is King! Photos: Chuck Pittman, Inc. It’s always exciting to get the new Spyderco catalog. To paraphrase Forrest Gump, “It’s like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” [...]

  • Gerber center drive

Gerber Gear Center Drive

Gerber Gear announces the introduction of the Center-Drive. A multi-tool, the Center-Drive features Center Axis Tech, which aligns the full-size driver in the center of the tool to yield maximum torque and rotation. According to [...]

Grass Roots Grinds!

Habilis Bush Tools photos: Chuck Pittman, Inc. Like most true blue Americans, we love a grass roots success story. Starting from scratch and building a company is the American dream. This is the story behind [...]

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  • Surefire light

Gear Showcase: Lights and Lasers

It’s a familiar debate to me and most of my friends — the spouse asking, “do you really need another ______?” My answer is the standard, “Yes, I do!” It applies equally for handguns, rifles, [...]

Lights & Lasers

What Have You Been Missing In The Dark? You can’t shoot what you can’t see and wouldn’t you agree — you shouldn’t? Today’s explosion of high-tech goodies means there’s more lights and lasers in the [...]

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Meprolight Adjustable Day/Night Sights

The mantra for accurate shooting is front sight … press. The front sight and the muzzle below it dictate direction while the rear sight provides windage and elevation with proper sight alignment. Bottom line: You [...]

  • Medical Trauma kit

Gear Showcase: Safety and Security

My wife thinks I’m OCD about having back-up supplies for my personal consumable items. Perhaps I am, but she ended up pleased we weren’t caught short during the Great Toiler Paper Shortage 2020. She also [...]

  • Gunvault NV-200

Safe Storage

Bad Guys Often Use Stolen Guns, And They Like To Steal Them From Us. Let’s Make It Tougher. We’re all familiar with the Four Rules of firearms safety promulgated by the late, great gun guru [...]

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5 New Accessories for Slim Compacts

As more gun owners begin to carry firearms for self-defense, more carry-friendly handgun options have emerged — specifically slim compacts and subcompacts. Offering a favorable size-to-capacity ratio, guns like the GLOCK 43X/48, SIG SAUER P365/P365 [...]

Best Handgun Sights and Optics

When you stop to think about it, we all have different eyesight. Some of us are nearsighted, farsighted, color blind, or just have older and more tired eyeballs. Shooting conditions and backgrounds are all over [...]

Machine Gun Reflex Sight

Trijicon Inc. has launched the Machine Gun Reflex Sight (MGRS) for machine gunners. The MGRS was created to withstand the constant, violent battering caused by the rapid recoil of fixed and turret-mounted machine guns. Forged [...]

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