Shoulder Holsters – Part 2

I have always loved shoulder rigs because they allowed me to carry large firearms and support gear comfortably and in a manner I can easily don and doff as needed. I have recently gone back [...]

Galco’s High Ready Chest Rig

I reached out to Galco a while back after seeing their new High Ready chest rig advertised on their website. Galco's Media and PR Manager, Mike Barham, responded swiftly and was good enough to send [...]

Shoulder Holsters – Part 1

As a generation X founding member, I grew up on many of the classic cop shows, and more importantly, I was addicted to Miami Vice from the first episode. While we should not use TV [...]


Counter-Blade Concepts

Skills To Help You Survive Edged-Weapon Attacks. Facing an attacker armed with a knife or another edged weapon is one of the most terrifying situations you could ever imagine. While many martial arts and defensive [...]



SABRE Red announces the Pepper Gel Dorm/Apartment Kit and the RAINN Key Case Pepper Spray with Quick Release Key Ring. The Pepper Gel Dorm/Apartment Kit is ideal for college students. The kit’s Door Stop Alarm emits a 120-dB signal to alert residents and others in case of an uninvited entry.


Assistance With Seeing At Distance

The easy-to-carry and conceal handheld lights that go in our pockets are great. They let us identify people and things at the edges of parking lots or near ATMs. We can find the keyholes in [...]

Lights in a House?

One of the things I’m fascinated about when it comes to low light is how different lights perform. And by different, I’m not just thinking about a similar design from different companies. Instead, I’m thinking [...]

Low Light Principles

"Old" does not mean invalid. While tactics, techniques, procedures, and equipment (TTPEs) will change, principles will generally remain.   Ken Good and Dave Maynard spent significant time working on low light / white light issues [...]


Gear for Gifts – part 1

Christmas is coming, and no doubt you will be asked for what you want or need because someone wants to get you something useful. This article will be the first in a series on gear [...]

D&L Sports S&W revolver sights

Dave Lauck is the proprietor of D&L Sports, Incorporated- a shop offering complete gunsmithing services. Dave’s a retired lawman and a patriot; he thrives on providing the highest quality firearms and gunsmithing work for those [...]

Universal ETS Speedloaders

ETS Speedloaders are time savers. They load magazines in seconds! One plunge and it’s done. Using them is painless too. No tedious repetition. Load 10 rounds at a time, you don’t even have to touch the ammo. [...]

Grovtec QS 2-Point Sabre Sling

The QS 2-Point Sabre Sling features a 1" wide webbing. The design features GrovTec’s Quick Slide functionality. Simply pull forward to adjust out, or pull backwards to adjust in. It is designed for a 2-point carry style. [...]


Accessorizing Your Acro With TangoDown

It's been at least eighteen years since I learned about Tango Down. I met its proprietor – Jeff Cahill – a few years later. I was hosting a Pat Rogers / EAG carbine class for [...]

C&H Precision’s Pistol Optics

C & H Precision is a good size player in the pistol-mounted optics world. Ok, hold on, before the editor (me) gets a letter about red dot sights versus pistol-mounted optics, I did not make [...]

Keeping Your Lights and Dots Clean

Weapon-mounted lights and pistol optics both get dirty. Within a range session or three, it is not difficult for a layer of burnt-on crap to begin solidifying on the downrange lens. That crud causes two [...]

Aimpoint Duty RDS

The Aimpoint Duty RDS (Red Dot Sight) is the red dot sight solution the world has been waiting for. It offers Aimpoint quality at a more accessible price point. This compact, high-grade reflex optic was [...]