Carry Rigs That Work

Don’t Agonize Over The “Right Gun” Just To Grab The First Holster You See. It Takes Culling To Find What’s Best For You By Tom McHale The 17th Law of Nature states when you decide [...]

Kramer Leather

Old School Is Good School By Roy Huntington I’ve known of Greg Kramer and his solidly designed holsters and penchant for using horsehide for going onto 20 years. We’ve visited a few times at trade [...]


By Roy Huntington I think too many people default to the word “holster” when they think of carrying a gun. There’s nothing wrong with using good holsters and frankly, you’d be nuts if you didn’t [...]

Ritchie Leather Co. Inc

Memorable Quality By Roy Huntington A holster, is a holster, is a holster, isn’t it? Well — isn’t it? In the sense a wrench is a wrench or a car is a car, I can’t [...]

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Machine Gun Reflex Sight

Trijicon Inc. has launched the Machine Gun Reflex Sight (MGRS) for machine gunners. The MGRS was created to withstand the constant, violent battering caused by the rapid recoil of fixed and turret-mounted machine guns. Forged [...]

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