The Magpul Frame Lock – Rigger EDC includes the same design and craftsmanship we built into our Limited Edition versions of the Rigger. It has the same functionality, features, and exceptional ergonomics of our previous knives, but it’s built from different frame materials that make it more accessible to a broader audience without compromising its functionality.

The Rigger EDC is an aluminum-frame locking knife made in the USA for precision cutting. Its frame is lightweight but strong, and it includes a secondary locking feature to prevent accidental blade closure during demanding use. The blade is a modified Wharncliffe design that’s forged from S35VN for excellent edge retention and corrosion resistance. The Rigger EDC’s modern profile ensures that it rides comfortably in most any pocket. At 7.6” open and 4.5” closed, it’s an ideal size for everyday carry while maintaining the heft to handle demanding field tasks.

The Rigger EDC will only be available at It’s not a limited edition, so check back often if demand exceeds supply for a little bit.