In November of 1998 we were invited to attend the rollout of the Mossberg MC1sc pistol at Gunsite. Spelled out the model is the Mossberg Carry 1, subcompact. The handgun was met with extraordinary success from both seasoned and novice pistoleros.

A year later we returned to Gunsite to attend the introduction of another new Mossberg pistol—the MC2c (compact).


Five initial offerings will include two frame variants (standard and cross-bolt safety); choice of slide finishes (black DLC-finished or bead-blasted stainless steel); and optional TRUGLO® Tritium Pro™ Night sights. The pistol in this report is the base model with black DLC slide and standard safety.

All MC2c pistols have a reversible magazine release, and the cross-bolt safety, is so equipped, is also reversible for right or left-handed shooters.

The compact size of the MC2c features a 3.9-inch barrel and has an overall length of 7.1 inches. The MC2c’s frame is constructed of glass-reinforced polymer, which providing high tensile strength, stiffness and high impact resistance. There is texturing on both sides above the trigger guard provide a perfect place for the trigger finger when the sights are not on target.

The grip has slight palm swell and a grip angle that mimics that of a 1911, and features Mossberg’s signature texturing for a sure, positive grip.

Integrated into the slide is the Mossberg STS™ (Safe Takedown System), which unlike some handguns, does not require the user to pull the trigger to disassemble for routine cleaning or maintenance.


Mossberg’s signature texturing provides a sure, positive grip.


Magazine release is reversible. On models with a cross-bolt safety it is also reversible for right or left-handed shooters.


Texturing on both sides above the trigger guard provide a perfect place for the trigger finger when the sights are not on target.


High cut back strap and beavertail allows a high grip that places the hand close to the bore, resulting in less felt recoil.





Key to disassembly is the slide cover plate which removes quickly and easily.


To disassemble the MC2c ensure the pistol is unloaded, lock the slide to the rear, press down on the slide cover plate and remove it, take out the striker assembly and gently let the slide go forward. Safe and simple, it takes more time to explain the procedure than actually accomplish it.

The stainless-steel slide features multi-angle fore and aft serrations that provide positive slide manipulation.

Other standard features include dovetail-mounted, low-profile white 3-dot sights (drift adjustable). The sights use the same dovetail as a SIG, so if desired SIG sights can be utilized. The stainless steel barrel has cut-broached rifling with a 1:16 twist rate and black DLC finish. The frame has a short, one slot accessory rail and oversized trigger guard which allows the user to wear gloves.

The flat-profile trigger has the familiar integral blade safety. The trigger has a short, tactile reset and reduced overtravel. Trigger pull weight is around 5.5 pounds.

The MC1sc comes with a single column, flush fit six-round, and extended seven-round magazine. The MC2c comes with a double column, flush fit 13-round and extended 15-round mag. Despite holding more than twice the ammunition, Mossberg was able to keep the width of the MC2c only .04-inch wider (1.10-inch) than its predecessor, which is amazingly narrow for its capacity.

Similarly, the new offering has an unloaded weight of only an additional two ounces unloaded over the MC1sc (21 ounces).


Like its subcompact little bother we were impressed with the ergonomics of the new pistol. Spending a lot time with the 1911, and since the grip angle mimics that of the 1911, it came on target naturally and quickly.

Mossberg provided both 9mm FMJ and hollowpoint ammunition for the event. The MC2c did not seem to have a preference for functioning or accuracy. The pistol we were using had zero malfunctions and did not see or hear of anyone else having a problem.

Head shots were very doable for most of the class out to at least 10 yards, and capable of making consistent body shots at 50.

Although the footprint of the Mossberg subcompact is not much smaller than the compact, the latter has more than twice the ammunition capacity.


Left to right: MC1sc six-round mag, MC1sc seven-round mag, MC2c 13-round mag and MC2c 15-round magazine.


Felt recoil, while subjective, felt very light through the new Mossberg. This is attributable to the fact that the frame is cut high with a slight beavertail placing the hand very close to the bore.

In putting hundreds of rounds though the MC2c, we found the texturing to be very positive, but not so aggressive to cause a “hot spot” in the hand.

GUNS Editor Brent Wheat and American Cop editor went to a range away from the rest of the class to shoot a video of the MC2c. The event at Gunsite was towards the end of November and it was unseasonably cold for Arizona with wind, rain and snow flurries. Despite having cold, wet hands the texturing on the grip allowed a solid, firm grip with no slipping.


Gunsite Rangemaster Ed Head has a shooting exercise he calls “The Jack Wilson Drill,” named for the hero who stopped a would-be mass murderer with a single head shot in a church in Texas. The drill should be shot without a warm up and consists of a single head shot to the target at 15 yards.

When Denny Hansen received his own MC2c two months after the roll-out, he took it to the range the same day and shot the Jack Wilson Drill. The round was low, striking around chin level. Considering he was still basically unfamiliar with the pistol and its short 6.4-inch sight radius, he was not displeased with the results.


Mossberg MC2c is a compact pistol loaded with features.


From the Gunsite/Mossberg event he was confident the MC2c would reliably function with hollowpoints and ball ammo, so Hansen took 50 Super Vel solid copper hollowpoints and 50 Black Hills Ammunition copper Honey Badger loads with him. While an admittedly small sample, both functioned without a hitch in the pistol.

Will the coming November see the introduction of the MC3fs full size pistol? We’ll just have to wait and see.

The suggested retail price of the MC2c is $490.00.


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