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Hitting The Reset Button

We’ve talked before about retiring and being prepared for what’s next, but the topic keeps cropping up. When I recently asked you to let us know what you’d like to see covered, the gamut ran [...]

$20 Box Store Lights For Cops?

There are lots of tools of the trade associated with law enforcement. Most of us automatically think of our guns, impact weapons, radios, handcuffs, etc. And we often take their expense for granted — until we’re buying them with our own hard-earned money. Flashlights can certainly cause a lot of grumbling, and I’ve often heard officers complain about how expensive they are and the batteries needed to keep ’em running. And I love the “If they don’t issue it, then I ain’t buying it” crowd. Great, go ahead and shoot yourself in the foot by short-changing your chance to save your butt when the chips are down. Idiots.

Is “Tactical” Overworked?

Is there anyone besides me who thinks we may have reached the point where “tactical” as a description of what we wear, carry and how we work is perhaps becoming just a bit overused? Or, [...]

Lights Fantastic?

One of the big problems with the LE industry — and it is an industry, with manufacturers, trainers, trends, goals, employees, etc. — is there are rarely standards in place to judge products. While some [...]

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