So here’s the deal; I live just outside of Joplin, Mo. In May of 2011, an F5 tornado hit here. If you’ve seen the photos of Nagasaki after the atomic bomb, that’s what 30 percent of Joplin looked like. It was devastating, stunning, killed about 165 people — and ripped the guts out of our small city. I saw it, lived it and helped here. So it’s not a bunch of bull coming at you when I say, “If you’re not prepared for a significant disaster, you’re an idiot.” Our home missed the damage, but our whole-house generator, tools, food, water, shelter and attitude paid dividends. We helped friends, strangers and were able to keep some normalcy of life since we were prepared. But the one thing I saw that left a lasting impression on me was the fact it hit so fast. Literally, one moment it was raining, the next we were hit with 200 mph winds, and within 20 minutes a 6-mile swath was cut to the bone.

So, what if you weren’t at home? What if you were caught out in the fray? What if the riot, flood, tornado, hurricane, earthquake, wildfire, tsunami — you name it — happened while you were away from your “stash” of goodies? Enter Echo-Sigma and their stunningly good emergency bags. I tested and looked at their “Get Home Bag” (GHB) and, at only around $250,  it literally gives you the stuff that will save the lives of you and your family, if you need it. It’s a “1-day” get home bag for one, but it has basic hardware to augment your own survival abilities should it come to it.

It’s not some cheap bag full of even cheaper gear, but a top quality kit, filled with first-class, name brand gear like SOG, Gerber, Midland Radio, Coleman, Nalgene, just to name a few. Each bag is stuffed with enough honest food, water, first-aid gear, emergency gear like a knife, pocket tool, tent, thermal sleeping bag cocoon, AA batteries, zip ties, respirator mask, goggles, hard warmers, work gloves and more, to get you home when the disaster hits. It’s made specifically to stay in your trunk, and everything is packed to resist heat and the elements. This is, literally, a life-saver you carry with you. I can’t recommend their gear enough. And that’s as honest as I can get. I’m impressed. For more info: www.americancop.com/echo-sigma
By Roy Huntington


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