By its own admission, Remington says its new R2Mi .50 BMG bolt-action rifle “is built to shatter all previous expectations for long-range accuracy.” It’s quite a claim, but one look at the specs for the big-bore boomer leads one to believe the big green rifle from Big Green will deliver.

Before you start salivating, a bit of background is in order. After all, the notion of a .50-cal. long-range rifle, semi-auto or bolt action is hardly new. The R2Mi will reportedly replace the Bushmaster BA50 now that the company has been shuttered.

My first experience with one of these rifles was at my local gun club. A guy brought out a semi-auto .50 BMG, loaded it and touched off a couple of shots that sent a shockwave down the firing line. Even with good ear protection, the roar from each shot was numbing, and I swear the muzzle flash could have broiled a steak. Somebody joked it would “make a hell of an elk rifle … if you were shooting halfway across Montana.”

What looks like a .30-06 on steroids, a .50 BMG can launch a 750-gr. projectile from the muzzle at more than 2,800 fps and anything in its way will be slammed by thousands of foot-pounds of energy. If you thought standing next to such a caliber rifle on the range was bad, the very last place you want to be is downrange — even a mile away.

Remington R2Mi

Starting from the muzzle, the 57″ overall length Remington R2Mi fires from a 30″ Lothar Walther free-floated barrel cut with a 1:15″ twist and eight-groove rifling for sub-MOA accuracy. The barrel is topped with an AAC CYCLOPS muzzle brake, which can be paired with the .50 BMG-rated CYCLOPS suppressor (MSRP: $2,595.95). The barrel is then covered with a vented handguard with top MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny rail and underrail mount for the provided steel bipod.

The lower receiver is machined from T6-6061 aluminum billet and locks to the upper receiver, also featuring a full-length Picatinny rail, by two integral pins that allows the R2Mi to be disassembled like an AR-style rifle for easy cleaning and transport. The action features a left-hand bolt and right-hand ejection so right-hand shooters need not move their hand from the Ergo Grip Deluxe Tactical pistol grip to eject spent cases.

Bringing up the rear is Magpul’s PRS Gen 3 buttstock, offering tool-less length of pull and comb height adjustability. All steel parts are finished in manganese phosphate while aluminum parts are hard anodized with a green finish.

Built-to-order in Sturgis, S.D., Remington R2Mi rifles will be available in the fall and ship with two 10-round steel magazines, hearing and eye protection and a custom Pelican Storm Case. MSRP is $4,599.

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