When I go to court, I nearly always show up in full uniform. However, sometimes the situation dictates I get all gussied up in my finest suit and most constricting tie, to do battle in the courtroom. Once, at the conclusion of my testimony, a family member of the defendant followed me out of the room. I watched and gradually drifted to the side of the hall, while stopping and turning slightly, taking out my cell phone as if I was going to make a call. In doing this, I let the person walk past me as I kept him in view. Nothing transpired between us, he simply had to use the restroom; but it got me thinking. How often do I practice shooting when wearing a suit? The answer was, startlingly: never.

I practice with full duty gear at the range, wearing my SWAT gear for concealment, and I use my preferred method (IWB) for off-duty carry. Each mode of carry and each mode of dress have their advantages and disadvantages. IWB hides the gun well, but to get the gun out and into play takes some extra time. Also, drawing and re-holstering is often more complicated due to clothing and safety issues.
By John T. Grohn


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