Automotive Lie Detectors?

Remember Lost? Of course you do. J.J. Abrams was brilliant (pre-Cloverfield) in the pilot episode in which a planeload of people plummeted from the skies aboard a 747, en route from Australia to Los Angeles. In Lost, search parties scoured the oceans looking for Oceanic flight 815. At some point, wealthy industrialist Charles Widmore staged locating flight 815 and the entire world wanted to know what happened. How can that information be retrieved? The Black Box.

Smoke monsters and disappearing islands aside, Abrams tapped into all of our psyches and desires to know what happened in a plane crash. The black box is a reality. We hear about them on the news anytime the NTSB shows up at a plane crash. But did you know your car (more than likely) has one as well? Meet the Event Data Recorder (EDR).


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