By Michael O. Humphries

How do you remake a classic? How do you manage to retain everything that makes an original everyone loves so popular, yet gives customers all the newest and greatest benefits of today’s cutting-edge technology? Not an easy task, right? Well, Savage has done just that with the new Model 110, offering a fresh new take on a classic design born in 1958 and renowned for being accurate, lightweight and economical.

The heart of the new 110 rifles is the AccuFit System that allows you to customize length of pull and comb height. Images courtesy of the manufacturer.


All you need to adjust the AccuFit System is a Phillip’s head screwdriver.

The newly revamped 110 Big Game and Specialty Series offer shooters a fresh take with updated looks as well as a whole host of new and improved features, while still retaining all the benefits of the core design. At the heart of the “refresh” of the 110 is the new user-adjustable AccuFit System, giving shooters a range of fit customization options often found on much more expensive rifles.

In addition to enhanced customization features, the new 110s also just plain look cool! Shown is a new 110 Storm.

Details, Details

The AccuFit System is designed for ease of use, requiring only a Phillip’s head screwdriver to turn you into your own home gunsmith, tuning your rifle to your exact needs and specifications. With that magically handy tool, you can adjust both the length of pull as well as the comb height of the synthetic stock system. The drop at comb can be adjusted up to 5/8″ and the length of pull a full 1″. Five comb risers are included along with four length of pull inserts. These mate up with a generous rubber recoil pad and ultra-modern styling.

The AccuFit System comes with five comb risers and four length of pull inserts.


The new 110 gives shooters everything the classic 110 offered with all the new updates today’s shooters want

The range of adjustment imparted by the new AccuFit System will help bring you in proper reach of the excellent Savage AccuTrigger, the easily adjustable trigger system for which Savage has become known. As with the AccuFit System, the AccuTrigger allows you to customize your gun to your needs without having to lug it to a gunsmith. In addition, the Savage AccuStock is standard fare for the new 110 Specialty and Big Game Series rifles, with its rigid embedded chassis. Rounding out the packages are all the features of the 110 you have come to know and love: floating bolt head; hand-straightened, button-rifled barrels; etc.

Stay Tuned

We are really looking forward to trying out some of these new rifles for ourselves, so be sure to keep an eye out for full reviews in the future. To learn more about the new 110 rifles, click this link: