The IWI Jericho 941 impressed me at the range so the next logical step was to carry it concealed. It’s a duty gun, make no mistake, with the weight (2.1 lbs. loaded) to prove it. But it’s also accurate, reliable, and a lot of fun to shoot because it is so easy to shoot well. As such, I was bound to find a way to carry it concealed. I needed the right holster, of course.

Except I either didn’t have a Jericho 941-specific holster or neglected to order one. So I hunted for a suitable holster — maybe for another gun — in which to carry it. But nothing fit all that well. Until I found the Galco Jak Slide, a sort of generic belt holster meant to holster a lot of medium-sized guns. Thankfully, the 941 fit perfectly. Until the actual 941 holster turns up, the Galco will have to do.


The 941 carries 12+1 rounds of .40 S&W, an impressive amount of firepower for a concealed carry gun. But I also wanted to carry the spare mag. So I enlisted another Galco product — the company’s single magazine case or SMC ($39.95). This one was meant for a typical double-stack magazine such as a Glock or Springfield Armory XD or the like. The Jericho mags are just a bit skinnier than those but a few turns of the tension screw solved that.


With the 941 on my right hip (3 o’clock) and the spare mag on my left (9 o’clock), I was balanced, well-prepared and comfortable. The Jericho’s longer stocks pointed up into my side, under my right arm and didn’t print. The magazine easily hid on the other side. Even at 2.1 lbs. the 941 rode comfortably for long periods of time. As I mention in my range report, the gun is heavy on paper but practically you don’t really regard it as such.


I’m still on the prowl for a holster made specifically for the IWI Jericho 941, but I’m grateful to have the Galco solution. In this rig, everything feels right. At the very least, I know the 941 carries concealed very well.

— Mark Kakkuri