The importance of carrying a backup and off-duty gun can’t be stressed enough. I’m a firm believer in the adage, “bring enough gun”; and even stronger in, “one in none, two is one.” Many of you subscribe to this philosophy when on-duty, carrying a backup gun in your pocket, vest or ankle rig, a small, secondary light in addition to your full-size light, several spare magazines and who knows how much extra gear in your war bag. So, what happens when you change out at the end of shift and head home?

If you’re of the breed of cops who carry a gun off-duty, I applaud you. Just like when you’re on-duty, you need to ask yourself some tough questions and play the “what if” game. You have a gun — good start; if you fire your weapon or it malfunctions, are you prepared to reload? What will you do with a bad guy you’ve proned-out? Do you have something else you can transition to? If it’s a low-light environment, do you have a flashlight and is it bright enough to be effective? Do you have a cell phone and is the local law enforcement agency on speed dial?


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