Early this week, Springfield Armory announced their new FIRST LINE sales program focused on supporting America’s First Responders and others who serve the public. Springfield’s VP of Sales, Phil Rawlings, said, “We recognize the sacrifices these individuals make every day for all of us, and we want to do our part to help protect and support them.”


The 9mm Garrison 1911 pattern pistol is one of the firearms included in FIRSTLINE.


Who will benefit from this? According to Springfield Armory, it covers those who are:

Sworn Law Enforcement Officers (Local, County, State, & Federal);
Corrections Officers, Parole and Probation officers; LE academy cadets;

Military Personnel – Including reservists, National Guardsmen, and retirees; honorably discharged Veterans;

Court Judges and Prosecutors;

Federal Flight Deck Officers specifically, as well as commercial pilots in general;

Firefighters & Volunteer Firefighters, EMTs and Paramedics;

State licensed armed security officers;

What is the program? Springfield is offering discounted pricing to First Responders and others who regularly serve their communities and the country.




So is the Hellion bullpup carbine with ambidextrous controls.


As of today, FIRSTLINE covers 38 different firearms. They include the Hellcat, 1911, and XD pistols and the SAINT, Hellion, and M1A families of weapons. Unfortunately, nothing from the Custom Shop is available (believe me, I asked).


The optic equipped Hellcat is also available in this program.




When does it start? It is already active.

Where? Over 200 Springfield dealers across the country are involved. For more specific details, such as the documentation requirements for each category, please visit:

I was interested in the “Why” behind Springfield creating this program. I asked Mike Humphries, Springfield’s head of media relations, who told me:
“The Springfield Armory has a great deal of respect for the first responders of this nation that serve and protect our nation and its citizens. The FIRSTLINE program was created as a way to show our support for them, by giving them the means to help defend themselves. With generous discounts and additional magazines with the pistols included in the line, there are a lot of options at great prices for America’s first responders.”


Springfield’s AR rifle, the Saint, can be bought through FIRSTLINE too.


How does this work? Go into any participating Springfield retailer with the appropriate identification. You should be able to buy any of the covered firearms you want.

You can find the complete program details along with the specific identification requirements for each category here: