When a crisis comes your way, only one thing is guaranteed – the situation will never unfold as you might expect. Knowing this, it makes sense to ensure you have multiple options and lots of redundancy. When planning and preparing, few people consider what they’ll do when faced with a dead battery. And even fewer think about including spare (fully maintained) backup batteries in their preparations. But, as we all know, things will often go sideways at the worst possible moment. When that time comes, the only options you’ll likely have are the ones you prepared.

This article discusses some very effective strategies/gear you’ll need to consider when building out your battery charging and maintenance capabilities. Now is the time to ensure all your options are in place and fully charged up.

In the aftermath of a crisis, you’re unlikely to have the option of running to your local auto parts store, or big box retailer to get a replacement battery. Even without a crisis, many dealers are presently experiencing long delivery delays, and supply chain interruptions.

The Battery Problem

Whether it’s the battery in your vehicle, an emergency power generator, or a multitude of other gear and equipment, all have one thing in common – they require charging and proper maintenance. Ignore this, and you’ll likely discover what it feels like to be out of options at the most unfortunate moment.

However, even with proper care and maintenance, all batteries will eventually fail. Under “normal” circumstances, you can run to the store to get a replacement. During a crisis, however, the roads may be unsafe, payment systems may be down, stores may not be open, or they may not have what you need. What then?

Disconnecting a “seasonal” battery and placing it on an intelligent charger/maintainer will not only keep the battery fresh with long-term storage charging, but will extend the overall life, and health of the battery.

Battery Charging and Maintenance 

Some batteries, like the one in your vehicle, charge themselves as you drive. The life of your battery will usually depend on how often you use your vehicle, weather and driving conditions, and the quality of the battery. But, over time, all batteries wear down and eventually fail, often without warning.

Other batteries, like the one on your emergency portable generator, must be charged and maintained using an external power source. Failure to do this one simple step and you may find yourself with a dead battery and a silent generator. But again, even the most robust, well-maintained battery can fail. Luckily, there are some highly effective products to charge and maintain a wide range of batteries and to help provide you with much-needed options when things go badly.

If you’re wondering, I’ll confirm that I have had some unpleasant experiences with dead batteries. But being one never to let a failure go to waste, I have thought long and hard about this and have tested several viable options to minimize the chances of repeating past mistakes.

After experimenting with various options, one solution stood out. I now keep primary batteries (when not in use) on a charger/maintainer, but I also keep a second fully charged battery on a long-term maintainer as a backup. And not just any maintainer, but one that provides an enhanced maintenance mode to keep the battery in the best possible long-term condition.

The Pro-Logic PL4050 will charge and maintain up to four (4) batteries, on four separate channels. Because each channel is independent, a problematic battery on one channel will not create problems for the other channels.

Clore Automotive Battery Chargers/Maintainers

After considering several available offerings, I opted for two, the PL2140 and PL4050. These two options provide a combination of power, performance, multi-purpose features, and utility.

  1. Pro-Logix PL2140 – Combines fully automatic operation with the ability to charge all battery types, including Lithium (LiFePO4) batteries. Features a four-amp charge rate, multi-phase process, recondition mode, soft-start mode, and temperature compensation.
  2. Pro-Logix PL4050 – An intelligent, fully automatic battery maintenance station with four independent output channels (three 12V and one 6/12V) designed to independently charge/maintain multiple battery types. Features a five-amp charge rate, automatic multi-phase process, enhanced maintenance, and temperature compensation.

The Pro-Logic PL2140 has a fully automatic operation and the ability to properly charge, and maintain, multiple battery types, including seasonal use batteries.

These units have essential safety features, including reverse polarity protection and battery fault detection to protect you, your batteries, and the chargers.


Having the proper gear and equipment will substantially increase your chances of survival during a crisis. Maintaining your equipment will ensure that the gear you’re counting on will be fully functional when needed. Keeping your primary batteries fully charged and maintaining spare batteries on a long-term charger for unexpected emergencies, will provide you with redundancy and additional options when the time comes.

Make your plans and preparations now to avoid surprises and regrets later.


About The Author

Richard is a practicing attorney, an urban survival consultant, writer, firearms enthusiast, and freedom loving American patriot. He’s the author of Surviving Doomsday: A Guide for Surviving an Urban Disaster, and The Quick Start Guide for Urban Preparedness. Richard’s books are available at Amazon and other fine retailers. You can connect with Richard on Twitter @SurvivingDoomsd


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