Having a high-output flashlight can sometimes mean the difference between life and death. Think of the police officer on patrol, the first responder treating an injured individual, or a person lost in the wilderness after nightfall. In any of those situations, having a potent and reliable source of light, and auxiliary power, can significantly tip the odds in your favor.

While there are many options on the market, finding cost-effective, reliable products that work for you, can often be challenging.

In this article, we look at five innovative lighting products, including some which utilize the Chip-On-Board (COB) LED technology, and we evaluate how you can use these powerful, on-demand lighting and power options for everything from common everyday needs, to emergency/crisis situations.


COB LED technology can be found in some of the most advanced, and powerful, LED lighting products. Because they’re brighter, more efficient and produce a higher quality light, COB LED lights have become a go-to option for those times when your gear choices really matters.




COB LED technology is used in some of the most advanced, and powerful, LED lighting products. Since their introduction, COB LED lights have become extremely popular. They’re brighter, more energy efficient and produce a high quality light.

While each of the products reviewed has its own features, all are excellent at producing robust amounts of quality light, all are rechargeable, and all feature extended run times. The Flood Light (LNC2251) also features dual-multipurpose rechargeable batteries, providing you with a USB power supply to charge cell phones, tablets, and other small electronics.

For this article, I focused on products that are especially well suited for emergency situations, first responders, and for everyday use.


At 1500 max Lumens, and three intensity settings, this is not only the most powerful of the lights reviewed, but also one of the most versatile. Weighing just 2.8 pounds, the LNC2251 produces a lot of light from a relatively compact package. I really liked this product, especially the many features, like the 180-degree swivel arm, magnetic base, and two removable/rechargeable lithium batteries that also serve as a portable power supply using a 1A USB outlet to charge small electronics.

With a four hour run-time on the high output setting, this is one very powerful light. The unit is rated IP64 dust/water protection, and includes a charger and a braided charging cable.


This pocket flashlight quickly became one of my favorites, and immediately earned a spot in my Everyday Carry (EDC) gear set-up. It’s small, lightweight, and powerful—perfect for most EDC applications. I personally never leave home without a pocket knife, a flashlight, and a way to protect myself.

Featuring a heavy-duty anodized aluminum body, three hour run-time, magnetic mount, and rechargeable lithium battery, the LNC312 is outstanding addition to your EDC, bug-out-bag (BOB) or 1st aid/medical kit.


Of the three handhelds I looked at, the LNC375 is the most potent. At just under seven inches, this powerful beast provides 750 Lumens of intense illumination at max power. A pull-action zoom feature allows you to choose a broader, or a more focused beam of light providing illumination exactly where you need it.

The rechargeable Lithium battery has three hour run-time (on Max setting). A protected MicroUSB charging port, a charging status LED indicator, and a wireless charging station, offer maximum charging flexibility and convenience. The heavy-duty anodized aluminum body has a five foot impact resistant rating and features ergonomic contours for a firm grip even in the harshest environments.


These products feature a heavy-duty anodized aluminum body, long battery run-time, a rechargeable lithium battery, and a Micro USB braided charging cord.


All three handheld models offer either a “twist” or “pull” action Zoom feature which allows you to choose a broader, or a more focused beam of light, to deliver powerful illumination exactly where you need it.


With a 200lm spot light, 250lm flood light, flexible mounting options and hands-free waive on/off, the Lexana Headlamp can be used in those situations where true hands-free operation is required.




Although not the most powerful light, the LNC330 is definitely the most versatile of the handheld Torch lights reviewed. The rechargeable Lithium battery has two hour run-time (on Max setting).

While it has many of the same features as the LNC375, such as anodized aluminum body, pull-action zoom, protected MicroUSB charging port, and rechargeable Lithium battery, it also features two very important additions:

A 400 Max Lumen COB light built in the body of the flashlight

An emergency (Red Light) emergency flare, that can also be used to see in darkness while preserving your night vision.


This rechargeable headlamp features 250 lumens (dimmable), various mounting options, and a very convenient hands-free, motion activated waive on/off function. Headlamps are most effective when you need hands-free illumination. While most headlamps are not all that powerful, they do manage to free-up your hands while providing enough light to get the job done.

The LNC7250 offers a good amount of light right where you need it (LED Spot or COB Flood), with various mounting options, for maximum flexibility, and the on/off function can also be set for hands-free operation, this is a big plus and makes this light truly “hands free.” Comes with an adjustable head strap, a belt clip, M-Lock magnetic mount, and a Micro-USB, braided charging cable.




The 120lm Torch light (LNC312) quickly earned a spot in my Everyday Carry (EDC) gear set-up. It’s small, lightweight, and powerful with a three hour run-time, magnetic mount, and rechargeable lithium battery. It’s perfect for most EDC applications.


COB LED lights represent some of the most advanced and powerful LED lighting options available, and come in a variety of sizes and configurations. Having a potent and reliable source of light, and auxiliary power, can serve you well in just about any emergency situation, and in everyday life. All of these lights offer energy efficient, high-intensity illumination and will provide years of dependable service.